Commander of the Municipal Police of Acapulco Killed

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Commander of the Municipal Police of Acapulco Killed

Police: Assassinated brother of Secretary of Security of Culiacán in Acapulco

Octavio Guinto Marmolejo, his brother, also worked as a policeman, was commander of the Municipal Police of Acapulco, Guerrero

Culiacán, Sin.- Octavio Guinto Marmolejo, brother of the Secretary of Public Security of Culiacán, Óscar Guinto Marmolejo, was shot dead in Acapulco, Guerrero on Wednesday.

Like his brother, Octavio also worked as a policeman, he was commander of the Municipal Police of Acapulco.

According to the information published by La Jornada de Guerrero, around 9:00 am, he was attacked with bullets in the Constituyentes Avenue in the port, at the intersection with the Avenida Niños Héroes, a few meters from the Comercial Mexicana.

The first versions of the crime indicate that an armed man on a motorcycle got beside the commander's car and attacked him with bullets, taking his life instantly.

According to local media reports, he is the second commander killed in Acapulco so far this February.

The Secretary of Public Safety of Culiacan, Óscar Guinto Marmolejo, would be at the Citizen Participation Forum "Peace and Respect for the Law" on Thursday, but did not attend the event because he left the state to go to his brother's funeral.

NOTE: He was one that appeared on narco mantas in the past accusing him of helping CIDA. Attached story below, will attempt to translate later.