Coahuila: A violent year

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Coahuila: A violent year

December 29, 2012

The escape of 129 prisoners from the prison of Piedras Negras, the execution of Jose Eduardo Moreira, son of former Gov. Humberto Moreira, the killing of Heriberto Lazcano, the leader of the Zetas cartel, and the implementation of electoral officer Nathaniel Rivera have been security events that have Coahuila bending to the first year of Ruben Moreira as state governor.

Even from the same campaign, Moreira made it clear what would be one of the hallmarks of his administration, with the phrase "I'll handle security."

Here is an account of the main facts about security that have occurred in the state during the first year in office Moreira.


The first month of the current administration gave no respite or because it is Christmas time. Continued their attacks on bars in Torreon, highlighting the killing of a policeman and his stepson in Saltillo, and the kidnapping of seven Police graduates.

3. Organized crime "welcomes" the new administration with an attack on bar "La Barra" of Torreon, where three people died.  

5. The municipal police of Saltillo, Emmanuel Almaguer Perez and his stepson , are executed in his vehicle.

7. Three men aged between 20 and 30 years old were gunned down in Vista Hermosa, in Saltillo.

9. Seven Coahuila police gratuates are kidnapped, which unleashes a confrontation where two people are rescued and one dies.

13. Serafin Pena Santos, director of Cereso of Saltillo, is killed by eight bullets in front of a technical secondary University Avenue.

23. The municipal police Frontera calcined Gilberto Escobedo is found after being reported missing.


The first month of 2012 shocked the city saltillenses because it presented the first "hung", common in cities like Monterrey and Torreon.

16. The director of Women Cereso, Silvia Parra Perez of Saltillo, is ambushed and kidnapped in the morning by armed men in full Peripheral Echeverria and Abasolo. Hours later released.

18. Appears the first hanging in Saltillo. The body of Joel Espinosa Luis Sosa is found in the MDV The Sarape, after being executed and hung on that structure.


The month of "love and friendship" was not so, and was characterized by the implementation of police and elements involved in drug trafficking.

4. The elements of Alfredo Peralta Police Investigating Oscar Ramirez and Jesus Ontiveros are riddled in Torreon.

14. Arturo Alvarez Andrade, police chief of Saltillo, was killed by three bullets in Saltillo outside his home in Lomas de Guadalupe.

16. After the capture of federal and state control by the PGR, an armed group attacked and killed Jorge Bazaldua, "The Face of Glove", people trusted Tobias Sergio Salas, one of the state officials arrested, allegedly for his links drug trafficking.


During April, is arrested at Saltillo a leader of the group Los Zetas, which breaks out in the city the violence, including that massive shootout against the building of the PGR, which injured three federal agents.

1. Three bodies of women are found in a clandestine grave in the ejido Dam Boys.

28. José Alberto González Xalate, "El Paisa", whom federal authorities identified as a member of Los Zetas is arrested, a fact that triggers a series of shootings in Saltillo.

29. Aboard two Humvees, attacked a heavily armed commando shot the building of sub Attorney General's Office in Saltillo, injuring three federal agents and a civilian passing by.


During the summer of this year, the shootings are intensified in Saltillo. In June of the conference presented a more dire, with clashes, dead, chaos, suspension of classes and closing shops.

3. A balance of 11 dead and over 10 wounded by gunfire stopped the shooting attack by a command in the rehabilitation center "Your life on the rock, AC" located in Ejido La Union in the rural area of ​​Torreón.

22. In one of the most violent days in Saltillo, and chases after clashes throughout the day between gunmen and authorities, there was a balance of nine people killed: eight criminals, one civilian and three state troopers injured by gunfire .

9. It transcends the reporter Saltillan Stephania Cardoso and his little son are kidnapped after attending a party. Days later appears, and through social networks ensures that all right, but in danger.


These days, a shootout in middle of the night woke from their dreams to Saltillo.

5. A confrontation in Saltillo left a toll of four dead suspects, three soldiers injured and a woman traveling in the same vehicle as the attackers. The facts were reported around 3:32 am on crossing Boulevard Luis Echeverria and Miguel Hidalgo.


Shocking was meeting in Saltillo was a safe house where organized crime guarding hostages, even from other cities, including Monterrey.

9. Ten kidnap victims were freed and five suspects, including 16-year-old arrested in Saltillo, during a raid by federal police.

28. Three adults and a child are executed by a command inside a garage and car wash.


On patriotic framed the now famous flight of dozens of inmates Cereso of Piedras Negras, on facts that have not been clarified to 100 percent

11. The municipal police in active Reyna Barajas, Transit, assigned to the Coordination of alcohols, and Maribel Ugalde, the Police Special Unit for the Investigation of Family Violence, are found executed with bullets to the head on the highway Saltillo- Torreón.

17. In the largest mass escape in memory, 129 inmates escaped from Cereso of Piedras Negras.

18. Ignacio Meza Rueda, deputy director of the Municipal Police of Saltillo, is ambushed and executed in the MDV The Sarape.

19. One dead, two injured are the balance of the assault of a command into the restaurant "The Frigate".


Perhaps most shocking month: Jose Eduardo Moreira is executed, son of former Gov. Humberto Moreira, in an alleged "narcovenganza" in which police are embroiled Acuña. Also killed Heriberto Lazcano, top leader of the Zetas.

2. In a clash between authorities and criminals, is killed Trevino Alejandro Chavez, nephew of Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, leader zeta.

3. Jose Eduardo Moreira, son of former Gov. Humberto Moreira, Acuña is executed in revenge for alleged drug trafficking.

7. In a confrontation in Progress, is killed by elements of the Navy Heriberto Lazcano, top leader of Los Zetas.

12. Elements of the Federal Police arrested three men and rescued a person deprived of liberty had, during a raid in Torreon.


The continued violence claiming the lives of security features, in this case a member of GROMS.

3. 10 people are killed in Torreon in two different events. Six when a command broke into a ritual of Santa Muerte and four more to be found inside a car two couples dismembered.

5. After a series of clashes in Piedras Negras, six criminals are killed by federal forces, disrupting classes for 2000 students. That same day, in Saltillo, a narcomanta created panic by appearing in the MDV The Sarape.

8. Said Omar Juarez, "The Peluso" Saltillo plaza boss of Los Zetas, is captured by the Navy of Mexico.

18. A local group element GROMS dies after chase and confrontation with criminals in the Metropolitan Park.

19. Cobra Group Elements fold down to two suspects and recovered two cars reported as stolen.

22. Military troops a property located five kilometers from the bypass gap Berrueto Eliseo Mendoza, at the height of the former red light district, east of Monclova, where there were half-buried human remains.

24. Four people were executed inside a taxi were located on a road near the boundaries between Piedras Negras and Zaragoza.

28. In Saltillo, GROMS elements fought gun battles against a group of criminals, fold down to 4.


The 2012 violent closes December 1. The kidnapping and execution of Nathaniel Rivera and the appearance of 4 "hanging" in the MDV The Sarape highlighted in the news this month.

1. During the first hours of the government of Enrique Peña Nieto and even before he received the presidential sash, a group of thugs appeared in Saltillo with attacks on government installations and the Institutional Revolutionary Party. Through a statement, warning that it was the "first phase" of their struggle.

3. An ambush officers left PGJE an expert investigating officer dead and seriously injured in Jupiter Street North Satellite colony, and peripheral Luis Echeverría Álvarez, in Saltillo.

7. The dawn of this day are four bodies hanging in Megadistribuidor Vial The Sarape. According to early investigations, this act would be part of a clash between two rival gangs of organized crime.

08. It executed a mining entrepreneur in the Carboniferous Region of Coahuila.

12. It is revealed that kidnappers are members of the PAN in Coahuila, some of them identified as Guillermo Anaya team.

17. In El Ejido Guadalupe Victoria, in Saltillo, are found the bodies of six people executed.

18. They confirm that Nathaniel Rivera, executive secretary of the IEPC, is among the six people found tortured and executed in Ejido Guadalupe Victoria.

27. Five children escape the Juvenile Detention Center in the Bellavista neighborhood, after hitting a custody. Find pastor Viesca six bodies.

28. Cesar Garcia Guevara, element Municipal Preventive Police, was killed on 15 shots in the Buenos Aires.

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Re: Coahuila: A violent year

I put this on mainboard...added a couple of fotos..paz chivis
The way I see it.... the more people that don't like me, the less people I have to please
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Re: Coahuila: A violent year

Here in Piedras Negras it's been eerily quiet for about the last 3 or 4 weeks.
Not sure what's going on. Anyone have any theories as to the calm we are experiencing?

We haven't noticed as many military convoys or federales cruising around.
Could this be part of EPN's plan to back off a bit to control the violence?
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Re: Coahuila: A violent year

@curioso.  I predicted before the July 1 election that violence would escalate between the election and EPN taking office on Dec. 1, and then drop dramatically after he was inaugurated, thus making him look good.  I don't think it is coincidental, but rather evidence that the "new face" of PRI is following the old policies of PRI in making a deal with the cartels to let then operate in exchange for a decrease in violence.

I am glad to see a decrease in the violence, but when you make a deal with the devil, he always collects.

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Re: Coahuila: A violent year

In reply to this post by Chivis
Thank you, Chivis, but I wish I did a better job on the translation.
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Re: Coahuila: A violent year

i can always change anything you think appropriate, but no matter as long as it is readable to convey the point.  Those little sneaky dickens on mainboard always complain about translations even Vato's which is hands down the best ever.

DD....and everyone...
I am finishing the top 20-25 BB stories of the year.  not the most relevant or best but most read.  
can you guess which was the top of 2012?  I will tell you this that the top 3 had 500,000 views!
that is so amazing....I will total the views and have the grand total.  I am trying to make a slide show with fotos of the stories, yuk some are so gory.  

I say 20-25 because I want the Jenni rivera story and i have to go over 20 to include hers :)

The way I see it.... the more people that don't like me, the less people I have to please