Clashes in Villa Juarez, Culiacan leaves two dead

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Clashes in Villa Juarez, Culiacan leaves two dead


by: Editor on July 17, 2016

Again, a shootout in which municipal police could do nothing Navolato, has left two people dead.

Almost two months occurred the skirmish between two armed groups in this town, in which three men were killed and whose bodies were "recovered" by members of one of the sides in the presence of local police, was again recorded a similar event.

The report gunfight was recorded at 05:00 pm in Villa Juarez, where two men had lost their lives, same as they were taken from the place where the confrontation occurred.

It transpired that the municipal police were intimidated and allowed members of the criminal group to carry off the bodies.

This time it came in on Benito Juarez Boulevard, between street and street Altamirano Placido Vega colony Jose Lopez Portillo.

It was reported that some men passed from west to east or aboard a white Toyota pick-up colored license plates the state of Sinaloa.

The unit had multiple bullet holes in the windshield and doors, as well as traces of blood and brain mass.

Authorities found dozens of shells from weapons known as "cuerno de chivo".