Child pornography ring in Altamira

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Child pornography ring in Altamira

Through cybernetic investigation, the Federal Police and Gendarmerie was able to dismantle a network of child pornography and extortion that operated in the municipality of Altamira: they used primary and secondary school children to commit their crimes.
The former Municipal DIF attorney , Gabriela Ibarra Lozano, reported in the Forum "Dialogues to Prevent and Identify Trafficking in Persons " offered at the Tecnológico de Monterrey, reported that it was a situation in which children were subject to extortion by adults that forced them to provide them with pornographic material.

"The situation was so complicated that elements of the Federal Police had to intervene through the Gendarmerie and all possible complaints were made."

He said that the situation began when sixth-grade children from elementary school and up to third year of secondary school, who took pictures (intimate) and sent them among their peers through WhatsApp and "these pictures went to other people."

These people identified and contacted the children and threatened to send the families the photos that were circulating among the peer groups, in order to get them to send more images of them with intimate clothes or without them.

Ibarra Lozano mentioned that due to the fear that was being unleashed among the children who had been imprisoned, some decided to inform their parents or teachers, a situation that led to the denunciations, "all the possible complaints were presented".

Locate and Detain

It was reported that by acting the Federal Police , it was possible to locate and arrest those involved in this crime.

Gabriela Ibarra also commented that in the municipalities of the metropolitan area there have been cases of human trafficking , in which unscrupulous people use children to beg on cruise ships.

"There are even children who are doing stunts and we do not realize that these children are not children of those gentlemen and there is always a person behind them, waiting in a shady place waiting for the money they receive," he said. It is a trafficking of people . "

There are also women who are taken from their ranches or villages and tricks bring them to the conurbation.

"They tell them that they are going to work well and at the last they put them to beg on cruise ships and that money does not go into their pockets, it goes to the people to whom they were brought," he explained.

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Re: Child pornography ring in Altamira

Gotta love it.The criminals threats to the kids of telling their folks certainly backfired on them and they went to the authorities and got arrested!HAhaha!For once the criminals lost!