Chiapas activist Sinar Corzo executed last night

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Chiapas activist Sinar Corzo executed last night


Friday January 4, 2019

The activist and human rights defender Sinar Corzo was gunned down last night near his home in the city of Arriaga, about 130 kilometers from the state capital.

Sinar Corzo was an activist in the Isthmus-Costa region of Chiapas and was based in the city of Arriaga, where he had worked in defense of human rights in recent years.

He maintained a permanent claim to the mayors of that city, who on several occasions imprisoned him and tried to intimidate him. He recently defended the human rights of those affected by the earthquake of September 7, 2017.

Sinar Corzo studied a career in social communication at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Unidad Xochimilco in Mexico City.

One of his activities that left him remunerated was the training of horses and equinoterapies. But he was better known for his defense of the right to water, health and other basic services of Arriaguenses.

The activist was gunned down a few meters from his home, when hit men on a motorcycle approached him at close range to shoot him point-blank.

In his Twitter account, Governor Rutilo Escandón Cadenas expressed his condolences and offered that justice will be done. "The murder of Sinar Corzo will not go unpunished, justice will be done. My deepest condolences. #QEPD, "he posted.

The State Prosecutor General's Office (FGE) reported in a statement that it began investigations into the killing of Sinar Corzo Esquinca.

According to the first investigative measures, the homicide occurred at approximately 9:40 pm in the First North and Avenida Ferrocarril Oriente in Arriaga, where a man operated a firearm against Corzo Esquinca, who lost his life in the the place of the scene.

The Prosecutor's Office reported that it sent a Special Group to begin the investigations, including prosecutors from the Public Prosecutor's Office, ministerial police and experts headed by the Homicide and Femicide Prosecutor's Office, in coordination with the inter-institutional group, in order to clarify the facts and determine responsibilities. .

The unit strongly expressed its repudiation and reiterated that there will be no impunity for this.