Chiapas - Another human rights activist tortured and murdered - 50 missing

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Chiapas - Another human rights activist tortured and murdered - 50 missing


ZETA Saturday, January 19, 2019 04:47 PM

Activist Noé Jiménez Pablo Corzo was assassinated, in Amatán, Chiapas

The National Plan Coordinator of Ayala Movimiento Nacional (CNPA MN) informed that Noé Jiménez Pablo, member of the state coordination of MOCRI - CNPA MN and of the national political commission of CNPA MN and one of the main opposition leaders against the cacicazgo of the brothers Carpio Mayorga de Amatán, was found without life and with signs of torture.

Jiménez Pablo was one of the 50 members of the Movement for Welfare, Peace and the Common Good of Amatán that were missing after the introduction of an armed command to the municipality at dawn on Thursday.

"He was tortured and killed by the paramilitary group of caciques Carpio Mayorga and his political godfathers, former Governor Manuel Velasco Coello and Eduardo Ramírez Aguilar," they said in a statement.

In the early morning of last Thursday, the citizens registered with their phones detonations with firearms around the municipal seat of Amatán, place where the plantón is located that was installed since November 2017 to demand the departure of the Carpio Mayorga brothers of the municipal presidency.

Hours after the attack on the Popular Council of Amatán that left 50 missing and 2 seriously injured, this Friday at 6:00 pm it was reported that Noé Jiménez Pablo was found dead in a garbage dump near the municipal head, along with the body of another person that it is not possible to identify because it is inside a bag.

"Jiménez Pablo shows clear signs of torture, he is observed bullet wounds and sprayed with acid several parts of his body, the face and head leaving him totally disfigured," they said.

The MOCRI-CNPA-MC charges the murder of Noé Jiménez Pablo to the brothers Carpio Mayorga and his armed group.

The cacicazgo goes back since Manuel de Jesus was municipal president of Amatán in the year 2001-2004 under the National Action party (PAN), then his cousin Orbelin García did it from 2004-2007 by the same party. Subsequently, Manuel de Jesus proposed by the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM) won the 2012 to 2015 elections, and his brother Wilbert of 2015-2018 also won the same party. In the last elections, Manuel de Jesus nominated by Morena won again for the 2018-2021 term.

After the armed attack on Thursday, around 02:00 am, the federal and state governments were notified of what was happening. Dr. Jorge Cruz Pineda, Undersecretary of Human Rights of the Chiapas government, promised that an operative would arrive within two hours. with state police to stop the armed aggression, they would take ambulances to attend to the wounded, an advance of the police operation arrived until 8:00 p.m. only to support the paramilitary group.

"The state government has boasted of" recovering order "in Amatán, publicly pointing out that people from the communities rose up against MOCRI - CNPA MN, which is totally false, since the paramilitary group acted against the Movimiento Por La Paz, El Common Good and Justice, which is part of the MOCRI - CNPA MN "clarified.

Finally, the MOCRI-CNPA-MN demands justice for its companion Noé Jiménez Pablo, punishment to the material and intellectual authors of the assassination and the immediate disarticulation of the armed group of the brothers Carpio Mayorga.ZETA / SinEmbargo