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Good story that I read with Google translate program as far as I could before the program reached its limit.  I finished the story in Spanish.  

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final sleep
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Translation would be nice.
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I ran the whole page through the google translator (there are some poor translations, I'll try to thumb through later, but, it's a long read).

Personal pilot of 'El Chapo' now reveals what he saw and lived next to the capo
The man in charge of operating the helicopter in which El Chapo and his family were traveling spoke with the Colombian journalist Gonzalo Guillén and told him about his experiences alongside the most feared drug trafficker in the world.

Hey, my man. I want you to know something, "Joaquín Archivaldo Guzman Loera told the veteran helicopter pilot, who himself nicknamed 'Tinieblo' as soon as he arrived in Sinaloa from Miami to start working for him.

"I'm all ears, Mr. Guzman," said the pilot, who supposed the new chief who had just hired him was not a saint. But I did not know anything about him either.

- Do you recognize me? Inquired Guzman.
"Not really, sir," the pilot said intriguingly.
- I'm not a little angel. But then I'll tell you the story of a cardinal from the Catholic church who was murdered believing me to be me.
- Well, sir. The story sounds interesting, "the pilot said confused.
"You, here, you are called 'Tinieblo' and know it all at once," he exclaimed in a general tone for the 14 men armed with "horny" (AK-47) rifles that moved around him.
- Very well, Mr. Guzman. No problem, "said the pilot who in his professional life had served in large aviation companies, was kidnapped and came to share cabin with the main drivers of the Sinaloa cartel.
"But it is not the cardinal that I want you to know," said the chief.
"Tell me, then," said the pilot.
- I want you to know that you are going to work only for me, for my children, for my wife and for my mother. Apart from us, in the helicopter that I will deliver you will never be transported "mota" or "perica". Money, yes. And our weapons.
The pilot was contacted by a private aviation entrepreneur who sought him in Miami and offered him a job in Mexico, with a monthly payment of $ 25,000.

"Are you interested?" Asked the businessman.
It was Friday.
"At that moment I was unemployed, the bank was a step away from taking my house and I accepted," said the pilot.
In a Miami coffee shop he received $ 15,000 in cash from the businessman and a first-class air ticket to travel to Mexico City. Before leaving, the pilot gave his interlocutor a photograph of him, which are used to put in the identity documents, which was sent immediately to those who would pick him up at the Benito Juarez airport in Mexico City, To be acknowledged upon arrival.
That weekend he traveled to Fort Lauderdale to clear his head and witnessed the McDonald's Air & Sea Show, a giant display of sea and air military equipment. For this distinguished military lineage pilot, it was "the most impressive thing I've ever seen in my life."

"From now on you're going to call yourself Carlos Sanchez," one of the two men informed him.
Three days later he traveled to take up his new job.
As they left Mexico City's Benito Juárez airport, two men were waiting for him at the door with the enlarged photograph of his face. It had been sent from Miami by the businessman who contacted him. They both shook hands effusively.
"No one called me by my name," recalls the pilot.
- We're going to get your license. From now on you're going to call yourself Carlos Sanchez, "one of the two men informed him.
- Are you going to take it out for me right now? The pilot asked.
"Right now," he said, and they walked to a state office where his driver's license was ready within an hour, with his photograph and his new name.

"Now, go to the Crystal Grand Reforma Hotel and go to Culiacan tomorrow," one of the two men said and said good-bye.
Culiacán (with 700,000 inhabitants) is the capital of the state of Sinaloa.
"I landed at noon at Culiacan Federal International Airport, which is also called Bachigualato International Airport. There I was waiting for a very kind guy, Hernando Cabiedes, "says the pilot.
"Oh, my dear, we want you to be at home here," said Cabiedes, greeting him.
"Thank you for your kindness," said the pilot.
"We're going to take you to Navolato, a village with good beaches," Cabiedes announced, who wore ostrich-skin boots, typical of that area of ​​Mexico: pointed and high-cane. He wore tight Levis jeans and a three-inch belt with a silver buckle, about the size of a CD.

There was also a zoo where the best space and the most careful care was for a burly jaguar.
Navolato is a town of Sinaloa with about 30,000 inhabitants. There he was housed in a two-story, five-room farmhouse; He did not lack luxuries or comforts, but overflowed with bad taste. Inside a nearby barn there was a Cessna 150, single-engine, and a repair yacht, mounted on cats.
There was also a zoo in which the best space and the most careful care were for a burly jaguar, "of which in South America," according to 'Tinieblo', 'call tiger butterfly'.
Half of the land was destined for an ostrich farm. There were hundreds.
In another part of the terrain were the best 60 horses of 'El Chapo'. About 15 danced synchronized, like humans, on a sand track.

Since I arrived at that estate of Navolato I could not stop associating it with the hacienda Naples of Pablo Escobar, where I was many times.
The house, in a Mediterranean style, white, had a pool maintained impeccably and something that later would know that was characteristic and permanent in the customs of 'El Chapo' Guzman: a palapa or kiosk of wood and straw, invariably built and Placed in such a way as to allow him to take refuge in it to hold secret conversations with all kinds of people, which happened every day.
"From the moment I arrived at this estate in Navolato I could not fail to associate it with the Pablo Escobar's Naples estate, where I was many times, or the Repelón estate in the Colombian Caribbean owned by the drug traffickers, Juan David, Fabio and Jorge Luis Ochoa Vázquez. I met others of the same style in Central America, "says the pilot.

On the seventh day of being there, the routine was altered with the arrival of two armored, white, double cabin shifts. In the front came "the lord", accompanied by four riflemen of his escort and in the back were another ten. All armed with glittering horns. "In that they differed from the rifles of the guerrillas and paramilitaries of Colombia or El Salvador who were seen the trajín of the war," says the pilot.
Before the arrival of "El Señor", Cabiedes took special care in teaching him the obligatory way of saluting him, typically Mexican.

Guzman came in with a dark blue shirt, blue Leines brought from California, Adidas tennis and baseball cap, also blue. I never saw him wear ostrich boots like the ones worn by others.
"Give the hand, then you hug and you shake hands again. So it has to be always here and much more with "The Lord," he instructed.
Guzman came in with a dark blue shirt, blue Leines brought from California, Adidas tennis and baseball cap, also blue. I never saw him wear ostrich boots like the ones worn by others.
"He came in the afternoon. Of all the guys who got out, I did not know what my new employer was, but I had no difficulty in assuming that it was the one who was traveling next to the driver of the first 'exchange'. I've never seen it in photos. "

Guzman walked with the open arms to the pilot and this one anticipated to shake the hand, then the hug and again the hand. He looked sideways at Cabiedes and this one approved with a smile and the right fist closed with the thumb up.
"Let's go to the palapa, pilot," Guzman ordered.
-Come on.
-How are you? You're the pilot sent to me by the DF, "Guzman exclaimed and invited him to take a seat.
- Yes sir.
-Your welcome. They selected you very carefully.
- Thank you very much.
"Tinieblo, what machine do we need?" Which one do you best to buy one?
- Well, sir ...
-No no no. Call me uncle Always, "Guzman said.

- Good uncle". If you can bring a 407 Ranger would be very good. It is the perfect helicopter for the service you need. It has seven seats, including those of the pilot and co-driver; Is very versatile because it lands almost anywhere and is worth up to four million dollars, according to the "toys" that you want to put. It is produced by Bell Helicopter Textron, in the United States. It is widely used as a police and ambulance. It is a beauty.
- Well, 'Tinieblo', I already bought a fucking one of those. Write me a piece of paper to send for the machine, "Guzman said.
- If you have a notebook, I'll write it down, "Uncle."
"I'll get you one, but I want you to know something here between us."
- Tell me.
"I am 'El Chapo' Guzman, to great honor, but I do not want you ever to call me that, 'Tinieblo,'" he warned. I spent eight years in jail in Puente Grande, Jalisco. I was caught in Guatemala, but I escaped and now all my people have to be more trustworthy than ever. That's why I have you here, I do not want any pilot who knows people here that can give me.
- His name had heard it, "uncle" - remembered the pilot.
- Everywhere they say I'm the Sinaloa cartel chief. But that does not exist, my group is called the Blood Alliance. I have been to South America many times: Argentina, Bolivia, Peru ... most of all to Medellín, where they have the best "morras" (prostitutes), I'm going to come back with you and you'll see a lot of important people from Colombia here and South America in general: businessmen, partners, lawyers and a journalist who favors me and asks me for money at all times, recommended by Carlos Castaño, the paramilitary who was a friend of Pablo Escobar, whom I admire and had the honor of meeting. Then I'll tell you more, and stay here while the new machine arrives. "They left the palapa and said goodbye: hand, hug and hand.

"That's why I have you here, I do not want any pilot who knows people here that can give me."


Three weeks after arriving at a hacienda in Navolato, Mexico, to work as a personal pilot of 'El Chapo' Guzman, the Mexican the captain nicknamed 'Tinieblo', was informed about the arrival, directly from the United States, of the A new four-blade Bell Ranger 407 helicopter that he had recommended to buy to fulfill his commitment to transport exclusively to the Sinaloa cartel chief and his family.
"The news gave me 'El Durango', who only appeared to attend to the affairs of 'El Chapo' that demanded international banking movements or judicial and governmental proceedings," reports the aviator.
- Tomorrow we're going, you and I, to the DF, to pick up the machine. You have to bring your American license from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

"I have it up to date, but I do not know if it's convenient to use in a flight plan in Mexico," he warned.
- No, but it's good that you bring it. The plan we put it in another way and the one that will speak during the radio flight with the control towers will be a "chilango" (DF person) so that no one notices or asks anything strange.
They went by road to Culiacan and from there they flew by plane to the international airport Benito Juarez, DF. Neither one of them carried luggage, but only went down and went to a private hangar, near offices of the Attorney General's Office, where two American pilots had left the new helicopter, bought at the factory by 'El Chapo' For your personal service.
"I never knew, nor asked, how much it had cost nor through which of its companies had acquired 'El Chapo'. But some time later, I learned that the bank transfer with which the Bell Helicopter was paid was received from a legal company operated by the Colombian clan of the Cifuentes Villa brothers of Medellín, who were responsible for washing most of the money from the Sinaloa cartel Through a multinational network discovered later by the United States government .
"The case is that the device was there: ready to be released, brand new. He had only 12 hours of flying time and came with all the toys, "recalls Tinieblo.

"I'm going to see if the flight plan is ready to go," El Durango said as he walked away to pick him up.
"Well, in the meantime I check the helicopter," said the pilot, who immediately opened the gift boxes sent by the Bell Helicopter: jackets for the two crewmen, gloves, caps, glasses and overalls. He put one of each.
'El Durango', a tall, goat-bearded man, returned an hour later with a copilot, food and drink to be consumed on the flight, and a folder of documents bearing the distinctive Mexican registration plate XB To the Ranger 407, recently arrived in the country. He also brought the authorized flight plan for a nonexistent Mexican pilot who obviously was not 'Tinieblo'.

It was like a Persian flying carpet on the day of its premiere.
"Let's go, my man! Cried El Durango, while the co-driver, of indigenous aspect, who never identified himself, radioed with the tower of Benito Juárez to take flight.
-We are parked on the platform of the Attorney General's Office. Requesting authorization to start engines: destination Colima. We asked for authorization to start the engines, "the co-pilot demanded in the international aeronautical jargon with a marked accent of the DF.
-Authorized to start turbine and move via Alfa street to the take-off platform - answered the tower.
"We're in the position of take-off platform, ready to take off," the copilot replied.
"Take off and notify in the air," the tower ordered.

"Received, I'll call in the air," the pilot announced.
"Recieved," the tower confirmed.
"We're in the air, we request direct visual conditions to go to Colima," the copilot asked.
-Authorized to proceed visual conditions.
The four-bladed Ranger 407 flew to the ground for the first time at the command of 'Tinieblo', to the point authorized by the control tower and took height.

"It was like a Persian flying carpet on the day of its premiere," says the pilot. "We drove a long way over the vastness of Mexico City, in the western sense, towards Colima and then, outside the flight plan, we went to Acapulco, where we landed in aeronautical workshops where they fixed the helicopter, Sides, notices of the nonexistent company 'Minerals of Mexico' ". There, too, they painted the legal registration, to which the same pilot, when it was dry, made two strategic changes with black tape: One F turned it into E and one C into O.

That day 'El Durango' paid me $ 12,500 in cash for my first fortnight of work and I spent 6,000 with the 'morras' that appeared that night.
At nightfall, they locked the Ranger inside a hangar and went to celebrate at a nightclub of the chain "Mister Frogs", on the scenic road that leads to the airport.
"That day 'El Durango' paid me $ 12,500 in cash for my first fortnight of work and I spent 6,000 with the 'morras' that appeared that night, among which was a Colombian spiked, 23, brown hair, green eyes And a few inches taller than me. "
The copilot danced with all the women, drank unconscious on a chair, but never said his name. With the hangover of the spree in which the three men spent together about $ 15,000, they dawned to fly with a shining sun "that made my eyes hurt, even though I was wearing the thickest glasses I had," he confessed. .

Bordering the Mexican Pacific coast they were without flight plan until the old city of Mazatlan, of half a million inhabitants, where they lowered to ground to put turbosina (fuel) and followed to the fifth of Navolato, days baptized "the zoo" by the Pilot, who had been staying there since arriving in Mexico.
They landed next to the swimming pool of "El Zoológico" and in the circular flyby that they did to announce the arrival they frightened to an immense herd of ostriches.

The ring ton, with the music of the corrido "La Cucaracha", announced that the other side of the line was the 'El Chapo'.
"It's new, gey!" Exclaimed a worker from the house and put his hands on the helicopter, red wine.
-Really! The Durango shouted angrily.
But they all ran to see "the new bird of the Lord."
An hour after landing, 'El Durango' received a call on one of the seven cell phones he carried in the office bag he carried with him until he went to the bathroom. The ring ton , with the music of the corrido "La Cucaracha", announced that the other side of the line was the 'El Chapo'.
"We have to go now to the Sierra Madre Occidental," the gentleman "wants to see the machine," ordered 'El Durango' as soon as he hung up.
"Come on," said El Tinieblo.

- I did not tell you, but I tell you now, my friend: from now on you have to give new names to all the places to which we go.
"As I command, 'Durango.' At this ranch I named it "The Zoo" and I'm going to put that name in the GPS.
- The names only we will know "The Lord", you and me.
- Very good.
"So, now let's go to these coordinates," he ordered as he handed her a piece of paper with the pen. To that place, before "the lord" returned, we called "Laguna Díaz Mateus".
"Now, I'm going to call it" Matelosdías. "
-Well, let's go, my man.
It took them 20 minutes to arrive at "Matelosdías", a hideout between a deep fold of the Sierra Madre Occidental, a mountain range that covers the whole of western Mexico (from Jalisco to Sonora) and the extreme southwestern United States. In that region 'El Chapo' could not be found by anyone. From the air it has enormous resemblance to the mountains of the Andes.
"The maneuver to enter was difficult because the approach to the heliport had huge branches of trees that had not been pruned for years," said the pilot.
Between the dust that raised Ranger 407 arose the 14 fusileros escorts of the personal guard of 'El Chapo', that left to half dress to see his new machine. It was accompanied by a smiling "morra", with a flat face, dressed in a t-shirt turned upside down and a pair of pajama bottoms.

The blades were still moving when 'El Chapo' opened the door to enter the apparatus and two of his men approached dangerously to the rotor of tail still turning. They were saved from being beheaded because 'El Durango' made them recoil with shouts and shoves.
- Ore, 'Tinieblo', the machine is repadre, it smells new! He said as he stroked the chairs with the palms of his hands.
- This device, "uncle," is a "jewel", as they say in Ecuador, where I worked until recently - said the pilot.
- Get off and go to the palapa, Tinieblo. I have to talk to you.
'El Chapo' asked for refreshments and ordered that at the time that the meeting ended with me they would bring all the pistols and "horny" rifles they had stored in "Matelosdías" to give me one of each. "So that you live tranquil," he said.
I need you to change the names to all the places I frequent.
"He already told me 'El Durango,'" Uncle. "
"These are difficult days, gey." The "guachos" (military) and the "gabachos" (US authorities), are behind me, day and night. You can not talk here but mine and you're not going back to Miami in a long time. Sometimes you can go to Culiacan with Cabiedes or 'El Durango', so you can call your family. Nobody here knows what your name is, or you will tell them. Neither is it good that you know what others are called.

"Your family, for now, it's us, we love you already, and your family is going to be fine, I'm just asking for a sacrifice, not that you're kidnapped, calm down."
- In Miami, "Uncle," they did not tell me that I had to stay for a long time and I really need my family, "the pilot said in a disenchanted voice.
- Hey, 'Tinieblo', your family, for now, it's us, we love you already. And your family will be fine. I only ask for a sacrifice. Not that you're kidnapped, calm down.
- Give me six months here and a few weeks to go see my family, as is customary in oil companies.
- No way, 'Tinieblo', but there we see. Another thing I want to tell you is that you're never going to see my business running or you're going to mix with the military. If someday we get closer, I'll cover your head so you do not see because if they ever get you, and the Virgencita does not want it, so torture you, so your arms are torn, you will not be able to say anything.

"I preferred not to complain to El Chapo more about my bitterness because of the terms I had just imposed," says the pilot.
"Now, let's look at the new names, so we'll be calm from today," suggested the head of the Sinaloa cartel and displayed a map with marked coordinates.
- Well, I jotted down here and then I put the information in the GPS of the helicopter.

Before an hour they had the new denominations of the eleven main hiding places of the capo: "Salsipuedes", "Tuyasabes", "El Cocinero", "La Verga", "Matelosdías", "El Zoológico", "Escalera", "Los Micos "," La Cuchara "," El Tequila "and" El Borracho ". Each name came from some circumstance related to the place. For example, "El Borracho" corresponded to the fact that "El Chapo", he said, had a good friend killed who on a moonlit night got drunk and set off to shoot the whole charge of a rifle.
- Tell 'Doblecero' to come now! Cried 'El Chapo' when he ended his talk with the pilot.
"Here I am, sir," said Doblecero, the security officer. He was carrying a huge wooden box and behind him came two of his subordinates with about 15 AK-47 rifles.

- I'll give you one of each, 'Tinieblo'. Choose.
"No," Uncle, "thank you, but I do not need weapons. I'm the only one here who has no enemies.
- Impossible, 'Tinieblo', around here the only ones that do not have weapons are the "morras" - said 'El Chapo'.
"I ended up picking a 9-millimeter Browning GP-35 pistol and a common 'horn'," the driver said.
- To make you feel better, I'm going to give you an extra "horn", small. A special gift for you. For our friendship, gey.

'El Chapo' came back cool, with a baseball cap, a blue silk shirt and Adidas sneakers. He left in his wake an odorous trail of Santos, of Cartier, one of his favorite perfumes.
'El Chapo' went to get dressed, asked me to wait for him and suddenly his troop of riflemen began to run disorderly when he noticed the passage, at a high altitude, of a helicopter of the 'guachos'.
The ship disappeared from the north and I took the opportunity to give them an instruction: "Next time do not run because they prevent the pilots of the helicopters and they fall to us believing that here is a laboratory, a dead, a fugitive ... On the contrary, salute them" .
'El Chapo' came back cool, with a baseball cap, a blue silk shirt and Adidas sneakers. He left in his wake an odorous trail of Santos, of Cartier, one of his favorite perfumes. He had taken his hand to the flat "morra" with which he had spent the last four days, and he had his "hornet", completely bathed in gold. The gun-neck, also of gold, which he wore at his waist was written inlaid with Colombian emeralds: 'El Chapo'.

He went up to the post of the co-pilot, asked me to fly to "El Zoológico" and there "morra" continued in an "exchange" to the nearby town of Navolato to take a plane that would take it to DF.
In the "palapa" of "El Zoológico", "El Chapo" that day was closed for several hours with a group of people from the Attorney General's Office, from the Federal District, and a couple of scary lawyers.
In that same estancia, months later, he received what they said was a Colombian general, dressed in sport. Behind him, 'El Chapo' called him 'El Muelón'.
"The accent of the man was, without a doubt, Colombian," said 'Tinieblo'. "That's all I know about him."
About five o'clock in the afternoon came an old Bell, with two blades, of which the organization had four, which had inscribed on the sides the same notice of ours: "Minerals of Mexico." Without turning off the engines, a blond woman, tall, with bulging breasts and impeccable dentures disembarked. Precious. I brought two suitcases. 'El Chapo', a half-head shorter than she, ran to greet her with an extensive kiss on the mouth, we embarked with her and took flight.
"Let's go to 'La Cuchara', 'Tinieblo,'" he ordered as he strapped the woman's safety belt with the main pretext of caressing her breasts. She answered him with a grimace forcing of affection.

- Do you know that 'Tinieblo', like me, also knows your land?
"I'm glad to see you, Tinieblo," said the woman with the accent of the city of Cali. "What are you doing here?
"The same as you," the pilot replied with a malicious gesture.

"Pinches reporters of the fuck!", He exclaimed to himself when reading certain headlines and, abstracted, smiled nervously.
During the flight, El Chapo was entertained reading old newspaper clippings from across the country about his escape from the Federal Criminal in Puente Grande, which occurred on January 19, 2001. They had been taken away by the delegates of the Federal Attorney's Office with whom Was gathered that afternoon.
There was no escape from the news of his escape, and the incessant hunt against him, organized mainly by the United States with the tactics that had allowed Pablo Escobar, one of his idols, to be killed on a rooftop of Medellin on 1 December 1993.
It seemed that 'El Chapo' knew the secret sources and the care with which he had written every news he read about him. Sometimes I felt they contained encrypted messages to keep in mind. He forgot about the "morra" of Cali who was traveling beside him until he scanned all the articles, cut with scissors, that came to him.

"Pinches reporters of the fuck!", He exclaimed to himself when reading certain headlines and, abstracted, smiled nervously.


"My mother is very religious and likes to go to all the pilgrimages," El Chapo 'Guzman told her personal pilot.
"You see, the old lady is very devout," he said, to say something.
When they were flying, they both spoke through the Bell Ranger 407 helicopter's internal intercom to evade engine noise.
- Hey, man, do you know who my baby prays for without stopping?
- For you, "uncle"?
"No, by Arturito, 'El Pollo,' my brother," said El Chapo, afflicted, with his "horn" gold rifle on his chest. That morning he was wearing a bulletproof vest that, he said, had been sold by a Colombian supplier in the DF. He spoke nostalgically, looking out the window of the copilot's station.
"Poor thing," said the pilot, who on many occasions had to fly with her alone to take her to see his son and answer the Hail Marys, who prayed that the helicopter would not fall.
- There is nothing worse than seeing a mother suffer. I have scars left in my soul.
- Very hard, "Uncle."
- This machine is very strong, is not it, 'Tinieblo'?
- Depends on what you want. It is, above all, versatile.
- Listen to me well: we are going to take to Arturito of the Penalty of the Altiplano with this puny machine. I know you can. You are the grouper, blessed be God.

- I see it difficult, "Uncle."
- We put this machine a regrande loudspeaker that are looking for me in the DF and we have hung with steel cables an armored box so that Arturito can go up there. From the speaker we shout that they do not shoot, that there is a bomb in the prison, that they are all still because another helicopter is going to arrive to deactivate it.
- With a shot of rifle that do us, we fall, "uncle". That plan does not sound to me.
-Do not tell me that. I have a way to ask that the rifles that have on their hands those who are on duty at the prison remove the strikers before handing them over to them. So, if they shoot, nothing happens. I have my people, for silver the dog dances, 'Tinieblo'.
- But, I imagine that a prison of maximum security, like that, has to have innumerable systems of defense, if one fails, they activate another one.
-Pinche 'Tinieblo'. That's what my money is for! To Arturito they take it to take sun to the eleven in the morning and that's when we arrived, once speaking on the loudspeaker: "Attention, do not shoot that there is a bomb in the prison!". Immediately, we lowered the box. 'El Pollo', who will be warned, goes up and we are going to give the gift to my mother, "said El Chapo, with eyes wider than ever." What do you say, my man?
- I've never done anything like that, "Uncle", nor do I think I would, to be honest.

- My mother asks every day for that miracle to the Blessed Mother, bro.
The conversation was cut, as they reached the mountain refuge of "Los Micos" and the pilot had to concentrate on the descent. When he touched the ground, El Chapo walked, lightly and frowning, to the "palapa" of the place to talk to the man he had the most respect for, and sometimes he seemed to be afraid of him: Ismael El May 'Zambada García.
The topic they were going to discuss at the meeting was thorny: in Chimbote, Peruvian Amazon, a $ 80 million cash fortune had been seized that the Cartel de Tijuana along with El Mayo, should have taken him to El Chapo 'in those days.
The money was carried by Miguel Ángel Morales Morales, a trusted man of "El Mayo", who had previously led the nascent Cartel de Sinaloa. The original leaders of the organization concerned, for this time and all under the command of 'El Chapo', were Ramon and Benjamin Arellano Felix brothers.
Ramon, one of the fugitives most wanted by the FBI in 2002, tried to kill the "El Mayo" in Mazatlan (Sinaloa) during the traditional celebration of Carnival Sunday, but the second used the Ministerial Police of Sinaloa to kill the whole gang of assassins responsible for committing the crime.

Except those who were at the meeting, no one knew what a mess of 80 million that could have ended in a duel to the death immediately ended.
Another of the Arellano Felix brothers, Francisco Rafael, was killed during a family party in Baja California by a clown who pulled a gun from one of his enormous pockets and shot the drug dealer in the head and chest at the end of the comic representation which he was hired, and fled.
During the meeting 'El Chapo' with 'El Mayo' in the "palapa" "Los Micos" from the outside one could guess that the dense atmosphere could be cut with machete.
'El Chapo' argued that the money was lost because of Hebert Salina Suarez contact 'El Mayo' in Bogotá, who managed to escape the police action in Chimbote.
Except those who were at the meeting, no one knew what a mess of 80 million that could have ended in a duel to the death immediately ended.

'El Chapo', solemn and silent, took that day "cuernoechivo" gold and best of bulletproof vests for the case had touched him kill himself face to face with 'El Mayo' he told the pilot.
The two drug traffickers fired finish the game with the best manifestation of friendship against his men shook hands, embraced and shook hands again. Even 'El Mayo', in a gesture of confidence, asked to be taken to a ranch in his Bell Ranger of his colleague.

With an expression denoting even greater courtesy and friendship, 'El Chapo' asked him to occupy the passenger seat and opened the door to enter.
During the first 10 minutes of flight, no one spoke, even when 'El Mayo', who had a larger than 'El Chapo' and 'cuernoechivo "bulletproof vest tight against his chest, began to hit the main lever of flight, "cyclical", with the butt of his rifle.
In the copilot's seat is a lever like that. It is active duplicate of the pilot maneuver between his legs during the flight. When handling either, both move.
- Lord, do not hit the lever. Every time you touch the ship heads and can go down in choppy 'I asked the pilot to' El Mayo ', which was a few years older than' El Chapo '.

- I do what gives me the chingadera mother, badass motherfucker!
- Excuse me, but every time he hits it to the lever with the butt of "cuernoechiovo" puts us in danger of death to everyone, including you.
- Órale, chingón Chaparro, this device is also mine and do with it what I please! He said 'El Mayo', wearing wide-brimmed hat of cloth and ostrich boots.
- It's a favor I ask for the good of all insisted the pilot and agreed capo collect the gun and thus bring to the final destination, where he got off without saying goodbye.
While the Bell Ranger retaking height, 'El Chapo' ordered: "Let 'Tuyasabes', 'Tinieblo'".
- You know what, 'Tinieblo'?
- Tell me…
- My colleagues are a seasoned Medellin. I lack does have some badass as those who had Rodriguez Gacha and Pablo Escobar: to enforce his boss. They were very brave chingones, as Leonidas Vargas, did you hear that name was a butcher ?, it real. So I like the people there, 'Tinieblo'. Beyond that is respected by bosses, güey said the capo, angry, for the meeting in which he thought he was going to kill himself with 'El Mayo' is respected.
- How many times have you gone to Colombia, "uncle"? I have also flown over there and Peru. For almost all of South America.

'El Chapo' spoke enthusiastically about the opportunities he chatted with Pablo Escobar, his idol, and lamented how he had died.
- Many. I started going in my lear jet . He landed in Turbo; at the airport "Los Cedros", de Apartadó; in "The Witches" Corozal ... I was down in the headers of the tracks to get on cars Hummer armored, which took me to ranches Salvatore Mancuso, an Italian, and others. When I went to Medellin I stayed in Montecasino, Vicente and Carlos Castano, the youngest, a crazy badass, my friend. I also staying at the Hotel Las Lomas, of the Ochoa brothers, some friends of Pablo Escobar partners. Any day we flew to Colombia and you'll see that we bring a "morras" there, who are warm: they tell you "daddy" -contaba 'El Chapo'. Jingles characteristics were let go after opportunities that alter other capos, as did the late 'El Mayo' ·

Colombia was its paradigm.
Often recited the pilot with nostalgia, because "pinche 'El Mayo'" had lost a Boeing 707 that fell to the DEA Bogota airport. He had arrived full of money and had to return with several tons of cocaine but ended his days rotting in the military area known as CATAM (Air Command Military Transport) to when it was despresado and sold by pieces tribes of gypsies melted down to make it pots, pans and kettles craft selling in the slums.
"Many Colombian pilots knew the source of that plane and they saw had run out in the open for many years," said 'Tinieblo'.
'El Chapo' spoke enthusiastically about the opportunities he chatted with Pablo Escobar, his idol, and lamented how he had died. Had in memory that much of the cocaine arriving he came from a place called Barrancominas, Colombia, which, he said, he was grateful to the FARC to let her produce.
I knew that at the Los Birds, Pablo Escobar, "near the town of Caucasia" needed, major shipments of cocaine that came to Mexico were packed. There, provided with a legal airstrip, shipments were recruited by Gildardo Pelaez, alias 'La Yucca' and a captain of the Colombian police surnamed Castañeda.

Most of the shipments arrived with the drug packs a kilo each. Usually, they were marked with the face of a redskin Indian, a scorpion and a Star of David. Each symbol indicated how the drug came provider.
They landed on "Tuyasabes" late at night, guided only with exterior lamps helicopter.

Most of the shipments arrived with the drug packs a kilo each. Usually, they were marked with the face of a redskin Indian, a scorpion and a Star of David.
'El Chapo' jumped out and ordered: "Tell Chavela come!". It was the cook of the place, about 20 years old, rough and beautiful.
A "morra" I should be there that night, from Acapulco, it was waiting for him in Navolato. He could not collect because of the long meeting that afternoon had to hold with 'El Mayo'.
She locked herself in the room with Chavela and, as always, at the foot of the door were installed to spend the night awake two of his riflemen with two separate watchdogs.
It was exceptional that 'El Chapo' spend a night without a woman and that was least was his own wife. He assured them they were all alone.
"In each of the holes where they hid the 'El Chapo' I had three changes of clothes, cleaning supplies and hideouts in which he kept the cash of my salary," said the pilot.

The next day, 'El Chapo' breakfasted at 10 in the morning and then asked 'Tinieblo' out to talk to him in the "palapa".
- Órale, dude, I have you a present museum, Repadre, one of the jewels I appreciate most elated I was that morning and pulled a leather briefcase.
Thank you, "Uncle", what is it?
You must know something warned and handed the portfolio.
'Tinieblo' opened: it was a Luger pistol Nazi extra long barrel. Impeccable despite having 60 years. He was accompanied by two suppliers and 100 rounds 9mm.

- You should know that tore myself this gem of a museum. It is for you, my buddy.
The pilot stood up to thank the 'El Chapo' with a hug.
- And now, what would you tell me what I talked Arturito you to bring criminal?
- "Uncle" honestly, I see very difficult but we continue to see the possibility.
- 'Tinieblo', if you get me a gift Arturito you the machine that day is all yours and also you take a million "Piel de Sapo" (dollars). Nomás think my little mother who suffers implored.
They never brought criminal Arthur, where he was killed later, even though 'El Chapo' did not fail to insist, without forcing the pilot.
One afternoon, which was a deluge from the night before and it was impossible to take off, the pilot decided to ask 'El Chapo' a story that he had promised some time ago.

- "Uncle", you once told me that killed a cardinal thinking it was you.
- Yes, 'Tinieblo'. It was in 1993. In May, the month of the Virgin. His name was Juan Jose Posadas Ocampo, a monsignor, blessed soul. It was the archbishop of Guadalajara that went to the airport to pick up the Apostolic Nuncio to give a Mass on the day of Cristobal Magallanes and his fellow martyrs who had become saints.
'You went with the cardinal?
- No, 'Tinieblo', I wanted to kill me a fuck of Jalisco and thought I had reached the cardinal disguised airport. They were waiting and when Monsignor Posadas got out of his car he got all the shots they could.
- You saved by a miracle, "uncle".
- Yes. But both scandal that hurt me was armed. The attorney said the bullets were meant for me, President Salinas de Gortari click you did not let Monsignor autopsy and that made things worse. Pope John Paul II, got into the chingadera and in all the papers I appointed to me, 'Tinieblo'.
When the rain subsided, they flew to La Tuna village of Badiraguato (Sinaloa), where 'El Chapo' was born on December 25, 1954. I was going to visit her mother and the entire town of 5,000 inhabitants, learned. They had to land in the tumult. They had many never seen in person and in a burst of mass hysteria took to touch him, he was raised on shoulders and only missed a few centimeters so that the moving blades of the helicopter they had beheaded.

'El Chapo' gave away homes and lent their helicopters to carry the sick to hospitals. Very few learn about their great evils.
"I realized that something very bad had done Fusiliers 'El Chapo' when they appeared in certain places, muddy, exhausted and blood splatters on clothes," said the pilot.
Often the capo spent sleepless nights hearing, again and again, the last calendar that you engaged and are memorized. It had clear ambitions primitive grandeur.

He never forgot the motto of Pablo Escobar, his idol, who was also all Mexican narcos. Occasionally he recited, especially when he was nervous: "I prefer a tomb in Colombia than a cell in the United States."
"I can say I had great empathy with him, even though over the years I worked at his side never allowed me to travel to visit my family," says 'Tinieblo', who finally made it out alive.
"Someday I talk in more detail and face. I do now as a precaution, because the pilot who worked for 'El Chapo' before I always suspected he had killed. Has no scruples and so these days I've been thinking that if now, who is in prison, you propose something like betraying 'El Mayo' Zambada in exchange for some benefit, what will and will meet again free, "said the pilot.

He never forgot the motto of Pablo Escobar, his idol, who was also all Mexican narcos. Occasionally he recited mainly when he was nervous and he broke long silences of reflection:
- "I prefer a tomb in Colombia than a cell in the United States," the Connect (this doesn’t translate well, ‘cuate’ is a very close friend, like a twin brother) died in his law, thought.
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Re: Chapo pilot comes out

In reply to this post by elgordo
Read in in Spanish and English, great read and thanks for sharing. Interesting that it is mentioned that Guzman's respect for Zambada bordered on fear in appearance to others. I've heard and read that mayo was always the better businessman, was more respected by others and that most of the "success" Guzman achieved could be attributed to luck rather than intelligence. His last arrest, the fiasco with Sean Penn and Kate does seem to cast his smarts into doubt. Who knows
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Re: Chapo pilot comes out

Its amazing to me Mayo has never stepped foot in a jail cell.  Its almost like the Mex govt has never even tried to pursue him. Ive never seen any operations to find Mayo like how they were looking for Chapo. What gives?
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Re: Chapo pilot comes out

In reply to this post by elgordo
What years was he flying for him?  The article kind of alludes to a time frame, post 1993, pre Arellano demise, but it was muddied by all the talk to Ramon and Benja Arellano.  
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Re: Chapo pilot comes out

In reply to this post by Cuidado
Obviously I do not have firsthand knowledge on it,(most of us don't) but I've never seen reports of mayo going to different parts of Mexico to enhance his sexual functions, marrying teenage girls, contacting actors to make movies about himself or things like that. I believe mayo may have even mentioned in an interview that he does not leave the safety of the mountains. Chapo seemed more likely to take big risks and he may have believed his own hype which appeared to be his undoing. Chapo should have stayed in the mountains and just maybe he might have been able to enjoy his twilight years with his family. Now the next time he will be in Sinaloa will probably be in a coffin after spending the next 15 to 20 years in his worst nightmare come true. Pride and women can be the downfall of the biggest men throughout history.
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Re: Chapo pilot comes out

That proceso story does not go with his character they also call him el Ranchero when the story goes about him being acento golpeado(harsh accent) that really caught my attention that is  really him. He provides unlimeted cash so others can move it  just like chapo and caro. They all had the same vision make contact with the media and lie about themselves!they probly tricked chapo and filmed him on a nanny cam cause that resolution was weak!
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Re: Chapo pilot comes out

In reply to this post by Chava
Chava thanks so much for translating that for those of us that are limited linguistically.It was an interesting story showing some of the operation like changing the call sign letters on the aircraft and codes for the control tower.By the way the international language at all control towers are English so they would need an English speaking pilot to land in controlled airspace but being a helicopter I'm sure a lot of the flights were in uncontrolled airspace and no flight plans filed.Interesting how Chapo idolized Pablo and had met on many occasions and that Chapo had remembered what Escobar had said about how he'd rather be in a Columbian coffin than a US jail.That's why Chapo looked terrified in 1 of those extradition photos,he was completely out of his comfort zone.Well Chapo certainly has the infamy of Pablo!
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Re: Chapo pilot comes out

In reply to this post by elgordo
Like gambling or in any sport, no individual is bigger than the game, and the house always wins. Chapo should have retired years ago when he was up. The DEA had given him the golden ticket and he made a mockery of both governments sealing his fate. The house always wins.
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Re: Chapo pilot comes out

LL-That's very well said:No individual is bigger than the game and the house always wins!Another thing I remember reading somewhere that sums it up  from a DEA agent:'We can make a mistake and not get our guy but those guys,1 mistake and they're done.Yeah he should have retired when the going was good.He's got maybe 20 natural years left,he's 62 and could have retired on big yahts somewhere and lived the billionaire's dream but not he will be counting his murders instead of sheep to get to sleep.
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Re: Chapo pilot comes out

el Jesse James
In reply to this post by Chava
Maybe I'm the only one who don't understand that translation but can anyone tell what the part of the article with Mayo in it is saying?