Chapitos exhibitionists and violence in La Tuna

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Chapitos exhibitionists and violence in La Tuna


They argue that in the world of drug trafficking is frowned attitude with these " narcojuniors " to show off their luxuries
Kidnapping in Vallarta México.- Jesus Alfredo Guzman Salazar and Ivan Archivaldo, the two sons of Chapo Guzman, can not be separated from what happened on 11 June in the town of La Tuna in Badiraguato, Sinaloa, the birthplace of Chapo , home to his mother and some of her family.
That Saturday June 11, a convoy of 150 men, masked, uniformed and heavily armed, occupied La Tuna, after a journey that taunted, something unprecedented, passed through security checkpoints's put by Sinaloa cartel around that community, in search the older brother of Chapo Guzman Loera Guzman Aureliano, El Guano.

They said it was an expedition sent by the Beltran Leyva to avenge the death of a half-brother of Chapo Guzman Ernesto Hidalgo ordered by El Guano. Aureliano was not that day in the village but several of its main operators, who were executed. The house of the mother of Guzman Loera, Consuelo, was also taken, and the Assassins ATVs, goods and valuables were taken, but she was not assaulted.
In response, Guzman sent 200 men, brought from different parts of the country to face the invaders and recover La Tuna. But the invaders withdrew before heading to Culiacan. Security forces arrived almost a week later when they learned what had happened by the displaced communities of Arroyo Seco, La Palma and La Tuna, who fled their homes.
What happened in La Tuna was, for the parameters of the world of drug trafficking, inconceivable. It said it had been an incursion of the Beltran Leyva because that the gunmen were presented, and even they had regrouped around Rafael Caro Quintero, to dispute control Guzman Loera.

Caro Quintero himself, in an interview that was not so, just sending a message to the cartels themselves, said he had nothing to do and he was a friend of both Chapo and Mayo Zambada. I do not know if they are friends, but it was the only apparently convincing that Caro Quintero said in that publication.
Then came the kidnapping of the children of Chapo, in too clean operation. There are data that make that fact, as the attack on La Tuna, inconceivable: is it true that the two sons of Chapo, who are leaders of the Sinaloa cartel, were having dinner without any security operation near and perimeter to protect them ? What could be kidnapped without violence, without anyone to defend them without security forces appear in such a public place?
No sounds logical: what is presumed to have existed, as it should have happened in La Tuna, an internal betrayal, ordered someone checking them, handed them, as someone had checked out and handed the town where the mother and the older brother of Chapo live.

The Chapitos have been freed after negotiations with his father and his close operators. Filtering of images and videos of kidnapping most likely reason for being was to show that they took them without extreme violence , seeking not kill ( could have done without problem) but also show how vulnerable they were. They reported that it was a bargaining tool .
It is likely that the kidnappers have been , as stated, Jalisco New Generation Cartel , but the important thing is the message that was sent . It ensures that the negotiator for the release of the young was the Mayo Zambada : of course , is who has handled the cartel during the years when the Chapo was a fugitive and even more since he was arrested .

wap to SpanishFull screen closeA El Mayo , intelligence sources say , he did not like how he acted Chapo and his desire to prominence after the escape, including the whole issue of Kate del Castillo, Sean Penn , the film , the interview. Ivan and Alfredo have accounts on social networks where they exhibit cars , women, weapons , threaten , are public. It is no coincidence that Alfredo cell has been disclosed only your photo with Kate.
Exhibitionism was never profitable in the world of drug trafficking. Amado Carrillo was killed by his own cartel when he started out in the media, to be released in Havana and Buenos Aires , when no longer useful .

wap to SpanishFull screen closeI fear that something similar is happening with the Chapo , perhaps with the difference that Mayo and other controls of the cartel does not want to end up breaking up with him, but do not accept that attempts to keep sending from prison , let alone their children , some newcomers from the perspective of the old leaders , want to present themselves as his successors.
One of the most important men of Mexican intelligence told me years ago that was not true that not dialogued with the cartels or that they were not among them. What happens , he explained, it is that dialogue takes place through actions , gestures , decisions, public or private , everything has a reading and everything is a message. The Tuna and kidnapping of Chapitos are , in that sense , clear and strong messages .