CdM - CJNG violence is feared in Gustavo A Madero neighborhood if video message is authentic

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CdM - CJNG violence is feared in Gustavo A Madero neighborhood if video message is authentic

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February 12, 2019

Inhabitants denounce the insecurity that prevails in the colony; they say they've seen subjects taking pictures of children in schools



Neighbors of the Cuautepec neighborhood, in the mayor's office of Gustavo A. Madero, are fearful of the dissemination in social networks of a video where alleged members of the Jalisco Nueva Generacion Cartel threaten criminals working in the area.

Partial translation of video follows:

“In all of these places, people who are caught stealing, kidnapping children, doing pendejadas [stupid shit] . . . This is the first and last time I’m going to tell you, I’m going to kill the whole family of any bastard who’s caught, do you understand?” he continues.

“We’re the people who are working here and this is where we’re going to be. We’re going to take care of the people. This is the first and last time I’m sending this message. Yours sincerely, El Canguro [the Kangaroo], La Vaquita [the Little Cow] and all of the team who is working here . . . Spread the word . . .” the man says."

After a survey conducted by Grupo Imagen, citizens denounce the insecurity that prevails in the colony due to the omission and probable collusion that exists with the authorities, and prefer not to comment for fear of reprisals about material disseminated by armed individuals.

The insecurity is terrible, every day they assault, they kill every day. From the video I do not know how to say anything, they say that in a closed mouth no flies come in "mentioned Cecilia Sánchez, inhabitant of the place.

They ask for justice for Karla, young woman shot by police in Ecatepec
They emphasized that they have seen people in luxurious vans without license plates and tinted windows that go unnoticed by the authorities and that the neighbors have noticed that there are subjects who take pictures of children in schools taking advantage of the absence of the uniformed.

We can not leave in the afternoon, from seven or eight o'clock at night it is very dark, there is almost no light through the kiosk, what is Lomas de San Miguel and all those places are very desolate, almost not there are patrols, there are modules nearby, but the patrol cars do not go up, there are no police officers and one is very afraid because suddenly they start to hear bullets, "said Elvira Castro, another neighbor.

They indicated that, in the case of day shift schools, parents only leave their home to pick up their children and return immediately for fear of being victims of crime.

The truth is a difficult situation that is lived in Cuautepec, very worrying for us that we have daughters, teenage children, unfortunately we know that there are times that the authorities have a connection with crime, and this is already a cancer deeply rooted in this place. Right now with the video we are very shocked because we do not know what to do and it makes us more tense than we were "mentioned a woman who preferred to omit her name.