Cartels Use PR Mode strategizing to win hearts and minds of citizens

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Cartels Use PR Mode strategizing to win hearts and minds of citizens


A year ago in my city Chapo was coming to kick up dust and make a run for control from Los Zetas.  There was a banner hung at the city bridge and flyers distributed on vehicles.  Stating they were arriving on a specific date to clean the city of vermin.  It warned what not to do to keep safe; don't wear black, stay indoors at night etc and gave the specific dates they would be in town.  and just like that the violence erupted and subsided on the dates as promised....

Then on a trip into Monterrey on an overpass I saw something that blew me away..a hanging banner an advertisement from the Zetas, a want ad promising great pay and benefits.

these are two examples of how the cartels are attempting to win the hearts and minds of citizens.

Mexico’s cartels have long used banners to publicly taunt and threaten one another, but early last year they began increasingly targeting their public messages at, well, the public in an apparent bid to curry favor.

When an alliance of the Gulf Cartel, the Sinaloa Cartel and the Familia Michoacana — collectively known as Carteles Unidos — declared war against the Zetas in late February 2010, kicking off an armed conflict that persists to this day, the troika’s agents put up banners warning of the imminent violence and seeking to win public consent.

The way I see it.... the more people that don't like me, the less people I have to please