Cancun - Luxury car rental business destroyed by possible grenade believed to be target of organized crime

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Cancun - Luxury car rental business destroyed by possible grenade believed to be target of organized crime


April 3, 2019

Eight vehicles were destroyed

Cancun.- On the verge of finishing their car leasing activities, those in charge of a business located on Luis Donaldo Colosio Boulevard, in front of the "Villa Magna" subdivision, did not imagine themselves to be victims of organized crime, since an object was launched that blew up the place, around 8:00 on Wednesday night.

The criminals threw what is believed to be a grenade against the lot of cars, but also shot at the business on several occasions.

Quickly, the place and its vehicles began to burn.

So far the cause of the attack is not known. Firefighters came to the place to put out the fire, in addition to the various police units and Municipal Transit works so that the curious onlookers did not stop.

This is the luxury car rental "Planet", located on the side of the GoCar and a gas station, on the Colosio Avenue.

There were eight units that were lost in the fire at the local Planet Car's, a company located on Boulevard Luis Donaldo Colosio in Cancun, yesterday.

Inside the vehicles that can be appreciated, there is a Mercedes Benz with two doors, two Suburban trucks, two Chopper motorcycles, probably of the Harley Davidson brand, as well as other vehicles that can not be seen brand or model.

The amount of damages in the place is still unknown.

The zone remains guarded by elements of the Municipal Police, as well as the Ministerial. Staff of the Office of the Prosecutor is also in the area.

On its website you can see that the car rental offers luxury vehicles such as Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Land Rover or Jaguar, mid-range like Volkswagen or Ford, and even offers armored vehicles and was said to be a supplier of a Colombian company manufacturer of armored glass.

Planet Car's has more than 30 years of experience in the State of Mexico; this branch of Cancun is open since 2014.

Wednesday, around 8 pm, subjects opened fire on the premises, in addition to throwing an explosive object, with which they burned the place. An abandoned van was found at a short distance away.