Campeche: Authorities take down El Potro of Pura Gente Nueva

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Campeche: Authorities take down El Potro of Pura Gente Nueva


Proceso: The fall of "El Potro", leader of the Pura Gente Nueva cartel and the most wanted in the southeast

CAMPECHE, Cam. (Apro)
 .- The state prosecutor confirmed the arrest of the leader and founder of the criminal organization Pura Gente Nueva (PGN), who is credited with at least 12 homicides, in addition to kidnappings, land theft, narcomenudeo, as well as robbery and fuel trafficking.

At a press conference which was attended by the Secretaries of Public Security for Campeche and Tabasco, Jorge Argáez Uribe and Jorge Aguirre Carvajal respectively, Attorney General Juan Manuel Herrera Campos said that the capture of the leader of PGN, whom he identified With the initials FCP, was achieved in Chiapas through a coordinated operation between authorities of the three entities.

The official said that FCP, whose nicknames are "El Potro", "El Payan" or "El Viejón", and who apparently originates in the town of El Carmen, was captured last Tuesday in the area of Libertad street, in the Chiapas municipality of Palenque.

He also commented that along with "El Potro", who "in few words was the most wanted delinquent in the states of the southeast", two of his subordinates were apprehended, although three or four more that were with the presumed capo at that moment managed to escape.

Equal noted that for several years "El Potro" and his criminal organization tended to their networks in Campeche, Tabasco and Chiapas, and intended to do so in Yucatan, where in 2014 there was a joint operation between Yucatecan and Campechanas authorities that allowed the arrest of several members Of PGN.

Herrera Campos pointed out that that year "El Potro" pretended to die and, with an apocryphal death certificate, he processed the cancellation of an arrest warrant against him, and although "the process should not have prospered, it prospered and Prosecutor's Office had to request the arrest warrant again. "

"This person has participated in a huge range of crimes in the region," he said.

And he mentioned that in Campeche alone he is involved in numerous files for various crimes, among which he cited, for example, the illegal deprivation of liberty and of life in 2015 and homicides in March and June 2016.

Also for narcomenudeo, crimes against health, theft and illicit trade of hydrocarbons.

In addition, he insisted that at least 12 homicides and various acts of kidnapping and extortion are attributable to the "Foal".

"He is finally detained and at the disposal of a judge of the mixed system, but he has also has other pending federal records for various offenses related to organized crime," he said, and he hoped that he would not leave prison in his life.

Finally, he said that because of his danger, the proceedings before the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic were initiated so that he could be transferred to a maximum security prison, which could be the Altiplano prison in Almoloya de Juarez, State of Mexico, because looking there he also has pending issues.

He said that although it is expected that with the arrest of the PGN leader the band will reorganize, several of its elements have already been identified and it is expected that in the coming days, through coordination between the authorities of the region's authorities, others can be traced and stopped.