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Friday, December  28, 2018

An agent of the Amecameca Prosecutor's Office handed him a portable radio with the frequencies of the Ixtapaluca police corporations to the group of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) that was sent to the eastern region to control the plaza.

The plan of these assassins was to control the municipalities of Ixtapaluca, Valle de Chalco, Amecameca and Chalco, mainly.

But yesterday they were seen armed and circulating in five luxury vans.
During the persecution, a car of hitmen hit a patrol and there were arrested three assassins.

The other members of this criminal group listened through the radio to the mobilization of the municipal patrols of Ixtapaluca and of the state that persecuted them.
For this reason, they managed to leave for the Mexico-Puebla highway, since they were able to evade patrols on the Mexico-Puebla free federal highway.

But the members of the CJNG did not count that they were followed by the video surveillance cameras of the state police and that in this persecution the preventive police of the city of Mexico would join.

For that reason, before the five vans got into the Ignacio Zaragoza road of the CDMX, they were intercepted by the city's preventives.

There in a return of the La Concordia Bridge, on the border of the CDMX with the Edomex, the confrontation between Ixtapaluca uniforms, the state police and the capital policemen was fought, leaving one dead hit man and two wounded.

Also, five people were detained who were found IDs of the federal forces of the PGR, but these turned out to be false.

One of the assassins who was wounded in one ear, confirmed that they were from the CJNG and that they received the support of the Amecameca Prosecutor's Office, to control the plaza in the eastern zone.

In addition, he acknowledged that his "employer" whom he did not identify, paid each hit man 10 thousand pesos a week.

The group was formed with more than 40 people, armed and with vehicles to move.

He confirmed that they received support from the Amecameca Prosecutor's Office and that an investigative agent from that agency gave them a radio frequency to listen to the police.

The other hit man was shot in the back and there is only one person killed by the criminal group.

According to the account of this case, the five vans were about 25 people, but only five were arrested and the wounded, the two injured and the one who died, the others fled.

The probable criminals respond to the names of:
1-.José Manuel "N" 31 years of age Xochiaca, Neza
2-.Miguel Ángel "N" 35 years old with address Vicente Villa Juchitepec
3-.Carlos Romero "N" 36 years of age with address Calle garitas cuautzozongo, Juchitepec
4-.Juan Carlos "N" 26 years old with address in Fotonato padilla, Juan de Galeano, Nuxco, Guerrero
5-.Alexis Roberto "N" 18 years of age with address inTultepec.

On another night, in Valle de Chalco another van was found abandoned with clothes and vests with the insignia of the Attorney General of the State of Mexico (FGJEM).
With these assassins were confiscated weapons, false credentials of the PGR and uniforms of the FGEM.
So far the FGJEM has not given information on this situation, only the Ixtapaluca police disseminated information about it.
It is expected that at some point the government agencies of the State of Mexico will set a position on this.