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CDG Narcomanta appears in Edomex


Mexico. - In a blanket that appeared yesterday in the streets of the municipality of Cuautitlan Izcalli , State of Mexico, apparently the Gulf cartel, offered the inhabitants "to clean the plaza".

"Citizens of Izcalli. We know that they are fed up with insecurity and pickpockets who prey on every day people. Thieves, kidnappers, rapists, extortionists, corrupt officials, you better lign up" read the message from "Commandante El Tigre".

The blanket appeared hanging from a pedestrian bridge on avenue Ejército Mexicano, one of the main entrances to Izcalli, and according to witnesses was withdrawn by police around 11:00 hours.

Notably, in the municipality 17 killings related to drug violence has been recorded so far this year.

For that reason, Army patrols entered January 11, after 8 homicides in one weekend.

Meanwhile, throughout 2013 there were only three executions in the district.