CAF vs CJNG: wave of deaths in Tijuana

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CAF vs CJNG: wave of deaths in Tijuana


Print edition  Zeta Investigations Monday, February 18, 2019 01:00 PM

Operator of Pablo Huerta "El Flakito", David López Jiménez "El Cabo 20" is indicated by the local authorities as one of the main responsible for the homicidal wave in Tijuana, because in the company of Gustavo Ayala, he fights a territorial fight against Manuel Morales "El Gallero" and Edgar Herrera "El Caimán" of the CJNG. However, he is only being prosecuted for possessing one pound of methamphetamine

The operational security forces in Tijuana identify David López Jiménez as one of "the generators of violence", responsible for homicides, leader of a retail drug sales cell in the area with the highest homicidal incidence, the Sánchez Taboada-Los Pinos circuit , but there is no arrest warrant against him.

Photos: Courtesy

The State Preventive Police (PEP) captured him on February 10 in Mexicali, but could be released.

He was presented before the Federal Public Ministry with 460 grams of methamphetamine, an amount that the Law classifies as possession for sale purposes, and if he is found guilty, it means five or more years in prison.

However, once the detention was legal, his defense requested an extension of the term to present evidence that would discredit the arrest. The intention is that Lopez be exonerated, and not free under process, which would imply going to sign on a regular basis and his enemies could hunt him down to kill him.

In fact, "El Cabo 20" or "El Lobo" moved to Mexicali precisely fleeing from the murderers of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG), investigators say that since October 2018 they placed him in the State Capital, where he would have arrived with It came from operators of the Sinaloa Cartel in that city. According to the investigations, he maintained contact with his criminal cell electronically and traveling sporadically to Tijuana. Despite trying to keep a low profile, it gained notoriety when on February 6 and 7 were posted some narcomantas in different bridges of Tijuana, in which he and other members of his criminal group, allegedly threatened President Andrés Manuel López Obrador by the Federal security operation started on February 4 in nine of twelve strategic areas of Tijuana.

The criminal responded with other blankets where he ran away and blamed the threat to the President on Edgar Alejandro Herrera Pardo "El Caimán" and Rodolfo López Arellano "El Cabo 30".


According to the Approved Police Report (IPH), shortly before six o'clock in the afternoon on Sunday, February 10, elements of the National Defense Secretariat and PEP agents carried out field work in the Vista Hermosa de Mexicali subdivision, on Macristy street in Hermosillo intersect with Calzada CETYS, when they saw two suspicious men. One was armed. They intervened.

Edgar Sotelo was wearing a .45 caliber pistol, which later turned out to be a prop - and that's why he was released - but David López Jiménez was found with a package containing 460 grams of methamphetamine, which he tried to get rid of without success.

For the bonding hearing that was agreed for Sunday, February 17, the defendant's defense aims to refute the HPI and present evidence that he was arrested in a different place and conditions.

"El Lobo" is 30 years old and has a criminal record since he was 22, when he was arrested for robbery with violence. With a friend they went into a house to steal, they brought sharp weapons and injured a woman who carried a baby in her arms, only in 2010 he was imprisoned.

In 2014 he was arrested for car theft with violence, in 2016 the Municipal Police captured him for crimes against health, and for that reason he was apprehended by the PEP in 2017; in 2019 they secured it with a firearm.


Although currently located by the authorities with the Arellano Félix Cartel (CAF) and in relative calm with the Sinaloa Cartel, the situation was not the same as last year. López Jiménez was nicknamed "Cabo 20" when he started to traffic for the CJNG, a mafia that decided to leave by mid-2018.

However, on March 8, 2017, when he was captured, the crime with Jalisco and its functions, according to the files, included "the supply and collection of drug outlets, as well as the dispute in the southern area of ​​the municipality. with other criminal groups for the control of the Guaycura colonies, October 3, Villas de Baja California and Cañon del Sainz. "

That day was presented by the possession "... of two packages containing the drug known as heroin which threw an approximate weight of 48 grams", was accompanied by another man who found 867 grams of methamphetamine between the clothes.

According to the reports of the intelligence areas of the local corporations, Lopez operated with the representatives of the CJNG under the orders of Juan José Pérez Vargas "El Piolín" from 2015, until Tuesday, September 19, 2017, when his boss was captured in Guadalajara.

It was integrated with those of Jalisco by invitation and as several did, he gave them information on routes and positioning of drug sales points in the cell with which they previously trafficked - this area was controlled by Sinaloa - and then execute them and keep the group and area of ​​operation.

José Cristian Gómez Rosales - Adalberto Medina Navarro, "El Chore" - Saúl López Gómez Orozco

However, last year its vendors were also killed by members of the CJNG itself.

Lopez attributed the murders of his operators to Héctor Manuel Morales Guzmán "El Gallero" or "El Rooster" and his people, who was in charge after the capture of "El Piolín", but the wave of deaths was unleashed because "El Gallero "He is a subject without control, since he is addicted.

The first public record of his break with the CJNG was given through a narcomanta posted on June 10, 2018, where it read: " This is for you David López Jiménez alias on 20, Puerca or La Marrana and for you Gustavo Germán Ayala, alias the Tavo or the Patachin, so you will be disappointed pinches as all that asshole that follows the roll is going to die those are fake hallucinations, the company does not tolerate filthy x that we expel you Marrana we go for all your crazy sow people. Atte. CTNG. "

The message was behind two coolers containing two heads of men.

On January 8, threats returned. That time they hung the blanket on the bridge in front of the Margarito Saldaña Police Headquarters and they stuck a picture of López and another of Ayala on the canvas.

Then you will suck the Berga Sinaloa but as they took you and kicked your ass you go with the skinny to suck the balls you punk marrana you are putisima and according to you already made your poster "THE POWERFUL NEW LINE" poor three sad assholes now believe the super powerful girls hahaha leave from booted boi by all ROKE * WHAT * DANY * CHRIST * MENO * ANGEL or 62 * and Gerardo Carmona Nile and all your filthy fucking berbeas aber if many eggs sow hallucinated here you feel treacherous atte. CTNG. "

As operators of Morales and current enemies of "El Cabo 20" their previous criminal partners are identified: Edgar Alejandro Herrera Pardo "Cabo 8" or "El Caimán", Israel Alejandro Vázquez "Cabo 50" or "El Goofy", Rodolfo López Arellano "Cabo 20" or "El Solecito".

Morales was imprisoned for using false documents and was arrested for possession of a weapon. Israel Vázquez was incarcerated for car theft with violence in 2010, Herrera has a prison record for car theft with violence in 2007 and possession of a weapon in 2011, but currently there are no charges against her and the authorities indicate that she is residing in Jalisco and "El Caimán" in Puerto Vallarta, from where they control crime by electronic means.

In the same State the location of López Arellano is presumed, but in his case there is an arrest warrant for homicide and it dates from 2018.

Lopez assured that "El Gallero" already tried to kill him and he was the one who handed over the authorities to "El Piolín".

The group of "El Lobo" blames "El Goofy" for ordering the murder of two municipal police officers on January 4, 2019, who were killed in a Chinese restaurant in the Sanchez Taboada neighborhood.


Regarding the "Poderosa Nueva Línea", which according to the narcomenudistas of the CJNG detained, is headed by Gustavo Germán Ayala "El Tavo" or "El Patachin", Felipe Avitía "El Güero" and

David López Jiménez, denied that such a cell existed: "They are pure nonsense to attract attention".

On January 5, on a bridge in the Insurgentes Boulevard, criminals hung another blanket with a criminal message, this time the threatened and exhibited were those from Jalisco, who were responsible for the murder of the police officers that occurred a day earlier:

"This goes for the lizard and its CTNG disposables * stop living from the dead. Respect government, people, your people, lizard or corporal 8 kill friends and children, you put your brother brother, you kill your family. Jorge Luis Quezada speed or the mere jargon kills police. Cabo 13 ordered to lupillo kill the sun sun 30 kills women hundred cobra floor A ???? Gufi tu plebes hit the Sanchez hats. That is why they go out of filthy I will teach them to respect POWERFUL ATT NEW LINE ".


According to reports from the intelligence areas, for the past nine months, López Jiménez began his transition to CAF under the orders of Pablo Edwin "El Flakito", and many of his drug salesmen (tenants) in the area of ​​Sánchez Taboada- The Pines were killed.

It is dedicated to the transfer of drugs, it has contacts in Ensenada and in the United States.

His criminal partners identified as "El Flakito" are, with a higher criminal rank, José Ángel Roque García "El Roque", the former state policeman arrested with weapons in 2015 Saúl Gómez and Gustavo Germán Ayala. In a second line in the criminal organization chart, Felipe Avitia Saellana appears. José Cristian Gómez Rosales "El Pitey, Renato Cardona, José Campos and Isaí Almonte.

Your CAF contact in Mexicali is only known by the authorities as "El Toni".

Interviewed, "El Lobo" assured that "right now" he is no longer active and he lives on the money he put together, that in Tijuana one can not "work" and now "any ' tecato' buys and sells pound, that is why there is so much death."

Of the murders, he found out that "those who are really hitting is 'El Max', José Ángel Yocupicio 'El Cabezón', who was from 'La Nueva' and turned around." He left the CJNG because they wanted to kill him, the "Gallero" himself.


In spite of the previous captures and information from the intelligence areas, in the file that they put together to consign Lopez before a federal judge, the local authorities only included possession with 460 grams of methamphetamine and their capture on public roads. They did not contribute anything else.

To discredit the charges, the defense seeks to present elements that allow them to prove that "El Lobo" was not captured on public roads but inside his house, and that he also did not carry the drug for which he is accused.

It will be at the hearing on February 17 when it will be defined if the defense has evidence that discredits the IPH, or if the Public Ministry manages to link it to the process.

After operation, homicides in Tijuana

 Before the arrival of federal forces in the city, on February 4, the homicide rate oscillated at an average of 7.03 victims, however, after the implementation of the "dissuasive and persecution" operation announced by the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the death toll is around 5.3 crimes per day in Tijuana.

The highest number of homicides was recorded on February 4, with seven victims, and the lowest was on February 11, with one death. The rest of the days fluctuated between two and six crimes.

"Probably if the projection continues downward, February will be the month with fewer deaths in the last year and a half. Although this may vary, " an intelligence researcher told ZETA .

Here is a list of the homicides perpetrated between Sunday 10 and Thursday 14 February.

Sunday 10. In the colony October 3 was shot dead Jesus Ulises Salas Gonzalez, 27 years old. In El Pipila an unidentified person was completed. Cristian Manuel Ramírez Pérez, 22, was deprived of life in Villa del Prado. Daniel Padilla Zaragoza, 36, who was previously injured with a sharp-pointed object, died at the General Hospital. In the Nuevo Milenio colony, the decapitated body of a male was found inside a brown dairy.

Monday 11 . In the General Hospital, Jesús Giovani García Uribe, 30, was killed by gunfire in the Cerro Colorado colony.

Tuesday 12 . A man of approximately 35 years, still unidentified, was deprived of life with bullets in the Soler division. At the scene of the crime was a bushing 45 and a red Ford Figo vehicle. Gabriel González de la Rosa, 43, was shot dead in the cephalic region; his body was abandoned in a vacant lot in the colony Anexa Durango, where a 9 mm cap was found.

Wednesday 13. José Natividad Sánchez, 45, was found lifeless with several contusive blows in El Tecolote. Inside the barbershop Palacios in Hipódromo 2, a person, hitherto unidentified, was shot dead. In a vacant lot of the Obrera colony third section, the body of a male was found, who apparently was strangled. The lifeless body of a man bound and wrapped in a plastic bag was found in Anexa Buena Vista. According to information provided, she was strangled and had puncture injuries.

Thursday 14 . Inside a brown suitcase was found the corpse of a woman in the North Zone.

Until the close of this edition, February 14, the State Attorney General's Office registered 72 fraudulent homicides committed in Tijuana.
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Re: CAF vs CJNG: wave of deaths in Tijuana

Great post! Not sure what the hell is exactly going on in Baja California. Things are getting pretty confusing. But here is a leadership chart of the CJNG there.