Brother of former Knights Templar leader captured

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Brother of former Knights Templar leader captured



Apatzingan, Mich. (Appro). After an operation of the Ministerial Police early today, Figueroa Sergio Licea, brother of the criminal leader Jose Romel "El Guero" Licea, leader of the Knights Templar, was captured along with another subject, in the region of Apatzingan.

The actions were carried out, when the detainee and his accomplice were found with drugs.

After a strong operational strength of the Federal Police who arrived since last Thursday, Licea Figueroa and his accomplice were transferred to the PGR facilities in this city, because it is a federal crime.

Sergio Licea is charged with crimes of common and federal law, and is linked to the Knights Templar.

His brother Joseph Romel "El Guero" Licea was killed on April 18 along with another subject.

Meanwhile, his father Sergio Licea Valdovinos was killed last May 25 aboard a vehicle, in Palmyra colony.