Body Count Reynosa: 28 dead in a week

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Body Count Reynosa: 28 dead in a week


Gunmen attacked Fuerza Tamaulipas with high-powered rifles yesterday (9th of May), and in the crossfire an agent was killed, three gunmen were killed and an innocent civilian died when hit by the projectiles.

This new war scenario raised the number of dead to 28 in the last week, in the city of Reynosa.

The Ministry of Public Security confirmed that the events took place around 09:15 hours, while the state troops carried out security and surveillance tours at the exit to the road to Monterrey at the Materno Infantil Hospital.

In that area, the agents were attacked by three individuals who were traveling in a black Kia van trying to flee, so they responded to the aggression.

After a chase of a few blocks, the attackers were laying lifeless on the same avenue at the entrance to the National Effort colony, confiscating three long arms, vests, and loaded cartridges.

At the scene of the incident, Mañana saw that three men, hitherto unidentified, lying on the side of the van they were crew were lying on the rails leading to Monterrey.

One of them was wearing an armored vest and had several machine guns.

The site was attended by members of different police and military corporations, who cordoned off the area by establishing a security perimeter, restricting the movement of vehicles on the lanes of that direction.

Likewise, a man oblivious to the facts, was eating at a taco stand and was hit by a bullet, losing his life.

The victim was identified as José Guerra Luna, by his wife, who works as a teacher in a school near the place of the confrontation.

During the operation, three state police officers were injured, two of them with minor injuries, being immediately transferred to a local hospital to be attended, counting on the support of the Federal Police. One of the injured policemen died in the hospital.

The vehicle, weapons, cartridges and tactical equipment were made available to the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Federation to undertake investigations, while the Forensic Medical Service (SEMEFO) took care of the bodies of the deceased.

Later, around 14:00 hours, security forces had another confrontation with an armed group through the streets of the Aztlán colony without reports of casualties, only shootings and persecutions.

In search of the armed individuals who fled, at 16:00 hours the State Police arrested three individuals who carried a bucket with ponchallantas in a van without plates in the Fraccionamiento Oasis.

The State Congress, at 18:00 hours, paid a minute's silence for the deceased state policeman in Reynosa.