Blasts / shots take command in Pueblo Viejo

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Blasts / shots take command in Pueblo Viejo

Blasts / shots take command in Pueblo Viejo

According to the testimony of neighbors last Thursday, August 24, a group of approximately one hundred people carrying high-powered weapons arrived. Photo: Special

Jesús Guerrero / Correspondent

Chilpancingo, Mexico (27 August 2017) .- A commando formed by a hundred armed men shot a vehicle and several houses last Thursday in the community of Pueblo Viejo, in Leonardo Bravo, according to witnesses and counts to the authority.

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"They were more than a hundred armed men who dressed in military clothes and claimed that they were from the Army, but burned and shot many houses," said a relative of Pueblo Viejo residents.

Around 1:00 pm on Thursday, armed individuals stormed the town where they shot villagers, set off fires, looted grocery stores, and according to some versions, denied by the state government, they killed someone.

"Last Thursday an armed group fired on two houses and their occupants, which would have resulted in three people injured," the government confirmed in a statement Sunday.

"The spokesman of the Guerrero Coordination Group, Roberto Álvarez Heredia, said that according to the testimony of neighbors last Thursday, August 24, a group of approximately 100 people carrying high-powered weapons arrived and specifically targeted two houses Located at the entrance ".

According to the official report, the Mexican Army secured 32 packs of marijuana there, two R15 long arms with three magazines, 30 useful 5.56 mm caliber cartridges and a homemade grenade.

"In addition a truck, without circulation plates, that had several impacts of firearm and a motorcycle with a bullet impact".

In a telephone interview, a relative of residents of Pueblo Viejo said that it was until Saturday around 9:00 pm when elements of the Mexican Army and the State Police arrived.

"We were asking for help from the government since last Thursday but we did not receive help," he complained.

When the armed men took Pueblo Viejo they ran the version that they would also go to La Guitarra, a village 60 minutes away in the Municipality of Heliodoro Castillo, so that people in both communities remain alert and without leaving home.

In its statement, the government ruled out the reports that housing had been burned and that there had been deaths in the aggression.

"It was verified that the rumors that circulated in the social networks that would have been deprived of the life several people and burned some houses were totally false," he said.

According to state ruler Héctor Astudillo, the violence several communities in the Sierra respond to a confrontation between criminal groups that are disputing the planting of narcotics.

Last week two armed groups were confronted with bullets in a poppy field located in the vicinity of Polixtepec that left a balance of a dead man and another more injured.

According to Astudillo, the armed group that was in Polixtepec moved to Pueblo Viejo.

After this confrontation, arrived in the zone effective of the Mexican Army and the State Police that in three days destroyed almost one million plants of poppy in several hills near Polixtepec.

"There (in the Sierra area) there is a struggle and I believe there is some pressure on the people," said Governor Astudillo. Time of publication: 19:07 hrs

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