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BCS update The Protection of El Cochi

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The protection of El Cochi

During the capture of the Narco Trafficker Marco Antonio Bianchi Fierro, SEIDO obtained telephone recordings of criminals and police, in particular a conversation between an agent of the MPF and Raul Castillo de la Rosa “El Cochi”.

Zeta Investigation.
“When I say they are not going to release anyone, its because they are not going to release anyone. They are liars, there is no one now on the record”, explained via telephone an agent of the PGR in the state of BCS.

On the other end of the cell phone, the interceptor responds with a “ aha” to the declaration of the Federal functionary and continues
“Good,....eh.... these bitches made notes right? Yes you understand me, aside to that all that matters is what is in the file”.

The interceptor appears to be very interested in the reply and listens with attention, returning to respond with a “aha”, and “yes, yes, yes”.
The PGR agent continues “the declaration, you are not in the declaration (testimony, witness statement), the Federal Investigative Agents are not denouncing “El Cochi”, or there is a name that now im going to say, outside of the record Castillo de la Rosa....”.

Immediately surprised the interceptor responds “ that is me”, to which the agent replied “ but that is outside the record, you are not on the record, you are in a annotation apart”.

The recording between between the PGR agent and one of the sicario cell bosses of the Fuerza Especiales del Damaso and La Paz, Raul Castillo de la Rosa “El Cochi” then ends abruptly.

The telephone conversation occurred on 12th of February 2015, and forms part of the four investigations currently being pursued by SEIDO in Baja California Sur, after the narco war for control of the Plaza of La Paz, between Jose Fernando Torres Montenegro, alias Jose Francisco Ojeda Torres “El Pepillo”, and Rolando Gonzalez Moreno “El Compadron”.

The recording was obtained after an operational group from the State Preventative Police detained on the 10th of February the narco trafficker Marco Antonio Bianchi Fierro, who made a series of telephone recordings between the criminals and Municipal Police, Ministerials, State, Federal on a USB device.

The narco trafficker was apprehended when at approximately 2:30 pm aboard a Chevrolet Cavalier, in La Calle Sonora, between Licenciado Verdad and Marcelo Rubio Ruiz, in the Colonia Pueblo Nuevo in La Paz.
The State Police observed that the driver of the vehicle was travelling at excessive speed, for which they started a pursuit. The vehicle tried to flee but was eventually stopped.

The Police made a confirmation of the occupants of the vehicle, and later the vehicle itself, in the interior of the vehicle they found various clear baggies of drugs, presumed to be crystal meth and cocaine.

The drug trafficker was detained and processed for crimes against health. In all SEIDO obtained the telephone recordings when, according to one of the Federal Investigators, all appeared to indicate that it appears to be an agent of the PGR, Rafael Verdugo Almaraz, who was being investigated for his relationship with one of the Los Damaso Gunmen, Raul Castillo de la Rosa “El Cochi”, and an ex agent of the PGR, Paciano Guerrero Caro.

However, he said that the telephone recordings will be sent to an audio expert to confirm the identities of those people conversing, and after to advise of what crimes the suspects would be charged with.

An Agent from SEIDO considered that the recordings between “El Cochi” and the PGR Agent is a reflection of how the narco traffickers have penetrated the PGR.

“What we found from these conversations, two criminal agreeing, one dedicated to killing, and the other protecting him from Government Institutions, hiding the names of those responsible of some crimes from the investigation so they are not incriminated and escape justice. That way they are free to carry on committing crimes with impunity. We remain clear what they offer to criminals, is evidently protection, said the Agent.”

“El Cochi in a crime map

The Federal and Military Authorities elaborate on a crime map, Raul Castillo del Rosa “El Cochi” is considered one of the two remaining cell leaders at large from the Fuerza Especiales del Damaso in La Paz, employed by head of the cell and sicarios Edgar Amilcar Acosta Reyes “El Rayo”.

With increasing criminal power, after the capture of at least ten cells of sicarios, and internal divisions between Jose Fernando Torres Montenegro “El Pepillo” and Felipe Eduardo Guajarado Garcia “El 28”, of the Fuerza Especiales de Damaso, they have “El Cochi” as one of the principle killers of this narco war, and the PGJE also accuse him of butchering the narco trafficker Juan Carlos Aviles Bareno “El Juanillo”.

The first instance of the criminal bosses involvement is in the executions of the narco traffickers Fabricio Cota Roasas, and Andres Enrique Echeverria Franco on the 9th and 10th of February in the port of Cabo San Lucas.

The official investigations of the PGJE point to the criminal cell commanded by “El Cochi”, their information came to be corroborated by the sicario Hector Roberto Medina Gonzalez alias Omar Alonso Medina Gonzalez, detained on the 16th of February in possession of AK47 ( cuerno de chivo, goat horn) assault rifle, which tested positive for involvement in the assassinations in Cabo san Lucas.

During the interrogation, the sicario confirmed he was part of the criminal cell of “El Cochi” and offered the names of other cell members including Enrique Hernandez Cardoza “El Borrego”, captured on the 12th of January 2015 in possession of firearms, when travelling on board a vehicle on a road in Cabo San Lucas, La Paz.

The sicario confessed these two criminals counted on the support of Commander Paul Fiol Contreras, who ordered the retirement of the units in this zone when they were going to commit killings, and that already they had the intention to start to fight for the Los Cabos Plaza, that is currently run by Javier Lopez Rivera alias Javier Acosta Lopez “El Javy” or “El Javier”.

After the executions of the narco traffickers, suspiciously they changed the commander of Cabo San Lucas, for the commander of the sector 1 of San Jose del Cabo, and according to the detained, “ El Commandante is good friends with “El Cochi” and “El 28”, who with Claudio Miranda Amador and Paciano Guerrero Caro discussed fighting for the Plaza during various bar-b-q’s.

El Cochi appeared on 13th of January in La Paz, when after kidnapping and killing Juan Carlos Aviles Bareno “El Juanillo”, with a machete, he proceeded to spread his remains around three different points of the city according to the PGJE.

His hands and feet were left inside a refrigerator at the crossroads of Tuparam and Valentin Gomez Farias, in the colonia Los Cacaros. His head was left in an access alley between Manuel Torres Iglesias and Regidores in the Lazaro Cardenas colonia. The trunk of his body in the back of a pickup in the calle de Chichonal, between San Martin and San Miguel in the Santa Fe colonia.

The rest of his remains were left outside the house of agents of the State Police, those who are within the framework of intelligence for the State Coordination group, who were seeking the location of El Cochi.

Based on official investigations, the agents hunting El Cochi used El Juanillo as bait to lure out El Cochi, however the plan was discovered and El Juanilllo was lifted and killed.

El Cochi is considered by Military and Federal Authorities as the new boss in charge of logistics for Los Damaso, who found and worked out escape routes during the first and second weeks in January, he is seen as heartless and violent.

Hence his nickname “El Cochi” because his work is very dirty, the types of crimes he commits against his rivals, torturing and killing people that we have only seen in states such as Tamaulipas and Veracruz and typical of Los Zetas, said a agent of the Coordination Group.

The Captures

Raul Castillo de la Rosa “El Cochi” and a female sicaria were being sought by the three levels of Government, on Tuesday 17th of February, the PGJE achieved the capture of Juan Alberto Meza Gonzalez or Roberto Meza Gonzalez “El Diablo”, considered along with his criminal cell, presumed responsible for no less than seven assassinations during the past few weeks in La Paz.

The criminal boss was travelling on board a Ford Mustang 1995, when he was intercepted in the Calles of Chirimoya and Naranja, in the Indeco colonia of La Paz.

According to information submitted, the criminal was accompanied by Julio Cesar Pena Cuevas “El Julion” and Erick Madrigal Zamora “El Moreno”, who were subjected to a search and were found to carrying two pistols, one .45 calibre and one .38 super plus radio equipment and balaclavas.

The three detainees were taken separately to the PGJE, the two firearms were subjected to ballistic testing and tested positive in the following crimes.

•Humberto Juarez Leon, killed on 16th of January in Las Calles Bernardo Maldonaldo, between Luis Barajas and Enrique Von Borstel, in the Revolucion Colonia. The victim was the father of the narco traffickers Josue Humberto, Juan Carlos and Jonathan Omar, of the surname Juarez Mora, the hitman killed their father by mistake.

•Hermenegildo Garcia Mendoza, was killed on the 17th January in the municipal yard dirt road in La Fuente Colonia.

•Rodolfo Viosca Alvarez “El Rorro”, was killed on 24th of January in the breach of Rancho San Rafael in the Paraiso del Sol Colonia.

During his interrogation, Juan Alberto Meza Gonzalez “El Diablo” offered no resistance to questioning and confessed that his criminal cell had been involved in other murders in La Paz

•Angel Jaimes Jaimes, killed on 26th of January 2015 in La Calle Tomillo between Aradano and Arnica in La Pasion  Colonia.

•Roberto Efren Navarro Cardenas “El Foquemon” on the 28th of November 2014 in La Calle Istmo de Tehuantepec, between San Joaquin and Santa Ana, in the Sante Fe Colonia

•Oscar Fernando Ramirez Flores and Marcos Geronimo Alvarado Uriate, killed on 19th of September 2014 in La Calle Cazahual, between Prosperidad and Mangle in the Progreso Vivah Colonia.

According to the confession of the head gunman Juan Alberto Meza Gonzalez or Roberto Meza Gonzalez from the criminal cell of “El Diablo” he was responsible for ten murders.

•Abraham Ontiveros Garcia, 33 years of age, who had previously been arrested for homicide.

•Edgar Armando Hernandez Ramos, 35 years of age, with previous convictions for homicide.

•Luis Alonso Rivera Avila, 37 years of age, with previous convictions for homicide.

•Erick Madrigal Zamora “El Moreno” 18 years of age detained with “El Diablo”

•Eduardo Martin Alvarado “El Kumi”, 34 years of age, with previous conviction for homicide.

•Jesus Efran Verdugo Higuera, 28 years of age, with previous convictions for homicide.

•Cesar Adres Ibarra Cisneros, 30 years of age, with previous convictions for homicide.

•Julio Cesar Pena Cuevas “El Julion”, 36 years of age, detained with “El Diablo”.

•Wendy Nayeli Geraldo Espinoza, 22 years of age, presented as responsible for the homicide of Angel Jaimes Jaimes in La Pasion Colonia.