At least 31 deaths from violence in eight states

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At least 31 deaths from violence in eight states

México / 30.09.2018 03:52:20

Victims include pregnant woman and a mother and her son

The violence of organized crime in eight entities left at least 31 homicides, seven of which took place in Guanajuato. Authorities reported that around midnight yesterday, armed men broke into a hamburger business in the municipality of Salvatierra. Three men and two women died in the place. Two other men were executed while talking in front of an abandoned house in the municipality of Celaya. In San Luis Potosí, the Prosecutor's Office reported the finding of five bodies at various points. In the State of Mexico, two vigilantes murdered one assailant and wounded another in Ecatepec. According to the police, the vigilantes traveled on their motorcycle when the two assailants tried to steal the vehicle.

After a struggle, one of the vigilantes fired on the criminals, killing one. As the alleged victims could not lift the motorcycle in which they circulated, they escaped in which the assailants traveled. In Tlalnepantla, a man and a woman - mother and son - were gunned down inside their home, located on the streets of the Reforma Urbana neighborhood. In another incident, Jesús Javier Ramos, who was a defender of the environment and Cerro El Tenayo in Tlalmanalco, was murdered outside his home in the town of San Rafael.

In Veracruz, a confrontation between alleged criminals in Amatlán de Los Reyes left two people dead. In Guerrero, a couple was shot from a vehicle that was circulating on Cuauhtémoc Avenue in the Garita neighborhood of Acapulco.

The woman was six months pregnant and was accompanied by her husband. Later in the colony Guadalupe Victoria a man was killed. At night another man, with a tourniquet on his neck and tied hands, was found lifeless inside an abandoned house in the colony Melchor Ocampo. Another man was killed in the upper part of Infonavit, in Paseo de la Cañada, in the amphitheater of Buenos Aires.

In Oaxaca, three people were murdered, two of them alleged drug dealers in the capital city of Oaxaca. In Zipolite beach, the body of a man who was apparently killed in a different place from the one he was located was found.

 In Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, elements of the Ministerial Police located the body of a man who was thrown to the side of a dirt road. In another point, a young man was executed in a house located in Trigo and Capulín streets. Later the death of a man was reported, after he was hospitalized last week with serious injuries.

In Tijuana, BC, a man was executed with five bullets in a soccer field. With information from: Ana Salazar, Antonio González, Alejandra Gudiño, Isabel Zamudio, Javier Trujillo, Juan José García and Bernardo Cisneros.