Arturo Pedroza Aguirre and the rise of the Gulf Cartel

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Arturo Pedroza Aguirre and the rise of the Gulf Cartel

Does anybody know anything about former police commander Arturo Pedroza Aguirre? I think he was essential in rocketing Osiel Cardenas Guillen to his position as head of the Gulf Cartel. There has been much talk about Osiel ruthlessly elbowed his way to the top, hence Mata Amigo, and somewhat being portrayed as a criminal mastermind, but I don't buy that. Somebody paved the way for him as he was far from the upper echelon of the Gulf Cartel when arrested in 1997 for shooting up the street while drunk, brought before said police commander, and consequently released. I believe that meeting was the starting point of a long lasting arrangement and a defining moment of what CDG became in the 2000's.

Arturo Pedroza Aguirre is mostly cited as telling CDG where to find El Chacho, but there is so much more to this character and the overlaps of where he moved around as police chief and upstarts and take-overs by CDG in various cities. He connected Osiel to the political elite and I think he and/or others were actually running Osiel, at least until his arrest. After that, crime spiraled out of control.

Fun fact: Metro 2 Gregorio Saucedo Gamboa AKA el Goyo AKA el Caramuela and brother of Karis was embedded within Osiel's crew by Arturo Pedroza Aguirre after their meeting. El Goyo was apparently one of the best police men Pedroza Aguirre had.

It would be really helpful if anybody has any stories, picture, links or remotely connected details on Arturo Pedroza Aguirre.