Arsenal seized in Tecámac EDM

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Arsenal seized in Tecámac EDM


Investigative Agents of the Special Affairs Prosecutor's Office FAE of the Edoméx Prosecutor's Office conducted a search of a building in Tecámac, where 26 firearms and more than 7,000 useful cartridges of various calibers were located.

As a result of the complaint, the Agent of the Public Prosecutor's Office requested that a search warrant be issued for that property. At the site they located:
14 caliber 22 rifles of various brands,
 .9 mm caliber rifle,
2 16 caliber shotguns,
1 48 caliber shotgun,
2 7 mm caliber rifles,
1 double barreled shotgun, caliber 28,
1 caliber firearm 44 semi-automatic,
1 caliber 50 pistol,
1 caliber 32 pistol,
1 caliber 22 caliber revolver,
1 special caliber 38 revolver,
5,400 useful caliber 5.56 rounds used for AR15 weapon,
1,889 caliber .223 useful rounds,
160 caliber 7.62 useful rounds.

The property was secured, while the investigations continue in order to locate people related to these events.