Arrested and detained in Puente Grande “El Jardinero”, alleged CJNG operator

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Arrested and detained in Puente Grande “El Jardinero”, alleged CJNG operator



MEXICO CITY (approved) .- The Attorney General of the state of Jalisco reported that Gabriel Raigosa Plascencia, “El Jardinero” , alleged operator Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), was admitted this morning at the Metropolitan Detention of Puente Grande.

According to the Attorney General, “El Jardinero” who is accused of participating and plan the ambush that killed 15 state police in April last year, has four arrest warrants for homicide and three organized crime in Jalisco.

"One of them was turned by the judge Tequila, so yesterday, which was his arrest, was made ​​available to the judge, since he was detained by federal forces in Bucerías, Nayarit , " said Almaguer, according to information published by the newspaper the Informer .

"Participation in the events is presumed from the planning and operation, is a highly dangerous subject, was arrested based on intelligence work of the federal forces," he said.

The crimes alleged against him Raigosa Plascencia are: murder, organized crime, fuel theft, drug trafficking and murder of the 15 elements of State Single Force.

The state official said they have information that the detainee was involved with a guy nicknamed El Sapo , and recalled that they had was already captured El Duende , who also participated in the ambush against police on April 6, 2015 in the municipality of San Sebastian del Oeste . "I just would not stop at El Sapo" , he said.

Moreover, Almaguer Ramirez acknowledged that the first commander of the Police of Teuchitlán, José Manuel Marquez Barba, was kidnapped yesterday, and said that the investigations already under way.