Army General under investigation for fuel theft; his accounts frozen

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Army General under investigation for fuel theft; his accounts frozen

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Leon Trauwitz. The man of Peña Nieto in Pemex. Photo:

MEXICO CITY (process) .- The Attorney General's Office (PGR) and the Financial Intelligence Unit of the Ministry of Finance (SHCP) not only have General Brigadier Eduardo León Trauwitz under investigation, but his banking accounts have already been frozen, according to information published by the weekly Proceso in its edition that began to circulate this Sunday.

Leon Trauwitz is up to now the first high-level ex-official subject to investigation for fuel theft.

In the investigation folders of the PGR, derived from the actions in Pemex, testimonies of officials of the parastatal are recorded who, as witnesses, attribute to the general responsibility in the theft of fuel.

In addition, the Financial Intelligence Unit of SHCP investigates 30 gasoline distributors allegedly involved in the sale of illegally obtained fuel.

This morning, during the press conference of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Santiago Nieto, head of the Financial Intelligence Unit of the Treasury, reported that they brought before the PGR five cases related to the theft of hydrocarbons, including a former Pemex official, a former local deputy and an ex-mayor.

It was also detailed that account locks have been made to 15 people and 24 related.

Leon Trauwitz was a powerful man protected by Peña Nieto, whom he had served as an escort from the State of Mexico. This one did not give him the leadership of the Presidential General Staff (EMP), but in exchange, in addition to an untimely ascent, he placed him in a position of national security in which he managed to manage 5 billion pesos and 2,500 troops from Army, in addition to hundreds of civilian agents. Despite these large resources, fuel theft increased last six years.

Worse yet, the Strategic Safeguard Subdirectorate (SSE) of Pemex, which was headed by León Trauwitz, at the end of the last administration presented the oil company as a victim of the expansion of organized crime. In addition, in the white paper on the "strategy of safeguard" of Pemex 2012-2018, the office that was in charge of the general also assured that the increase registered between the years 2016 and 2017 "was projected" for, from then on, start to decrease.

In December, since he announced the start of the fight against fuel theft - and despite his insistence that the crime is committed with the participation of company personnel - and until the beginning of last week, López Obrador had only affirmed that three officials of the parastatal were being investigated.

But on Tuesday 8, in his morning conference and expressly asked, he mentioned to Leon Trauwitz: "It is on a list of people who are investigated in relation to this, without there being anything definitive." Without abounding, the president also said: "Yes the general exists, but nothing was known. Now you know why he is mentioned in matters that have to do with the security of Pemex. He was in charge of the safety of Pemex. "