Army Detains More Than 50 Community Police in Guerrero

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Army Detains More Than 50 Community Police in Guerrero

Army Detains More Than 50 Community Police in Guerrero

Organizers of the Regional Coordinator of Community Authorities claim that the acts qualify as harassment of that system of indigenous town security.

Rogelio Agustín Esteban
> Guerrero
> 2013-05-02

In the morning, elements of the Mexican Army detained more than 50 community police that transferred numerous presumed criminals to the House of Justice located in the community of El Paraiso, municipality of Ayutla de los Libres.

Hours before, in the community of Temalacatzingo, municpality of Olinalá, a member of the Civil and Popular Police was detained by Marines, since he was not able to prove the ownership of the pickup that was used to transport the criminals.

Arturo Campos Herrera and  Gonzalo Molina González, organizers of the Regional Coordinator of Community Authorities, said that both acts qualified as acts of harassment against the system of security that operates fundamentally in indigenous populations.

Arturo Campos led a group of uniformed community police, though unarmed, on a march by dissident teachers on May 1st in Chilpancingo.

In the central plaza, it became known that on Tuesday, elements of the Marines had assumed the role of transit police and around 10:00 pm installed a checkpoint, at which they detained the community police officer, Julio César Pantaleón Mondragón, the police claiming that there was an irregularity.

"They took him to the Public Prosecutor's office and locked him away although he has the credentials as a member of the community police," said Gonzalo Molina.

With respect to the units interecepted in Costa Chica, he said that four units with less than 50 communitarios on Tuesday night undertook an operation that detained several people.

That morning they were intercepted by soldiers of the Mexican Army held for many hours, until the coordinator contacted the military and requested their release.

Against these actions, the municipality of Tixtla presented a criminal complaint against Pastor Coctecón Plateado, for the detention of four preventiive police at the hands of Community police that operate in Acatempa.

We ask the municipality of Tixtla that the matter be subjected to the establishment of a law, that there may not be more mistakes and that there are no longer attacks on the system of security that helps to solve much of the criminal behavior.  The mayor must not be a part of the harassment campaign against the communitarios.

My translation, here is the original: