Apatzingan Priest Denounces Emergence of New Cartel (H3)

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Apatzingan Priest Denounces Emergence of New Cartel (H3)

 Párroco de Apatzingán denuncia surgimiento de nuevo cártel:

Bluntly, direct, the priest of the Cathedral of Apatzingan, Salvador M. Gonzalez, denounced the emergence on March 13, a new cartel in Michoacan called H-3 to operate in the municipality of Buenavista Tomatlan, and accused the federal Government of complacency and links with the newborn criminal group.

The priest said the visible head of the H-3 is Luis Antonio Torres González, alias "Simon El Americano", who commands the armed self-defense in Buenavista Tomatlán groups and is the successor of Hipólito Mora Chavez, who is in jail charged with a double homicide.

The priest made it clear that the criminal group where "Simon El Americano" participates is not another cell of the Jalisco cartel called new generation, but has its own life in Tierra Caliente.

Interviewed in his office adjoining the Cathedral, the parish priest Salvador M. Gonzalez said that there are very important people, big people behind "Simon El Americano"; However, he declined to specify the names.

The parish priest of this town epicenter of drug trafficking in the State, questioned the honesty of the Commissioner for safety and the Integral Development of Michoacán, Alfredo Castillo Cervantes, and stressed that there is an alliance between the H-3 and the federal official sent by President Enrique Peña Nieto to attack crime and improve the social fabric through actions of Government in favor of the poor.

With the eyes fixed on the mobile phone recorded his words, Salvador M. Gonzalez, said: "the federal Commissioner has accusations that he is on the payroll of this new criminal group and they also accuse him of receiving $ 500,000 monthly".

With unhurried voice and his priest clothes, sent him a message clear and direct: "Mr Commissioner you now must demonstrate that it is a straight person and coming to solve the problem and not to ally themselves with the thugs".

The father can speak before the camera, at the microphone; It moves with "fish in the water", and tries to be the voice of those who have no voice in this land that is muted by the criminals who intimidate, extort, kidnap and kill to the left and right hand. The law for many decades has been "go and shut up".

But, Salvador M. Gonzalez called on people to denounce the criminals, who lamented that the strategy federal to regain control of territories in the hands of the crime is in crisis.

And he added: "until a few days ago we had an atmosphere of hope in that the Government was doing its role; and a cloud, took that hope because the Government has given signs contrary to expectations and the committed."

"The emergence of the H3 was on March 13 when they seized Hipolito Mora Chavez; and since the federal Government supports a cartel and lets support real self-defense groups,"denounced the priest.

And given the scenario that observes and describes, asked:

-Call you make father, President Enrique Peña Nieto?
-We want to have validity of the rule of law, that was his compromise with Michoacan, and do not want another cartel. It seems that we are in a narco State; those responsible for this situation, it hasn't done anything. It has not made a solution to the problem and the thing is getting worse.

Later in the interview of little less than ten minutes, Salvador M. Gonzalez also spoke of leaders of "Los Caballeros Templarios" cartel and his companion father "Goyo".

-Servando Gómez, "La Tuta", and Enrique Plancarte, "El Kike", are they excommunicated?
-The Church has not excommunicated them, they are sons of God. They are subject to conversion. Are called to stop causing damage; to kidnap, extort and kill-, responded.

-They could have God's forgiveness?
-Yes. God, forgives evil people.

When questioning him about father Goyo, parish priest of the Cathedral of Apatzingan, who was prone to the actions of groups of self-defence in the Tierra Caliente, and revealed: "he was given a rest period of two months, you're living in a convent in the South of France. Father "Goyo" ordered it because it was already going strong tension".

The parish priest Salvador M. Gonzalez says goodbye to the financial reporters to grant another interview to four journalists from the BBC British chain.
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Re: Apatzingan Priest Denounces Emergence of New Cartel (H3)

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Re: Apatzingan Priest Denounces Emergence of New Cartel (H3)

In reply to this post by Itzli
This is an odd interview... and it is equally odd that the priest seems to be on a PR push to get this story out.

It directly contradicts what Mireles has told Chivis... as she has reported in a couple of recent threads, that H3 is simply the third AD group that sprang up in Buenavista with El Americano as the leader.

There were rumors of it being a splinter group from ÇTs a week or so ago, but Mireles has clearly corrected that info. He has also said (via chivis) that Americano is a trusted friend of his and is not associated with the cartel.

It seems to me the priest has an agenda in getting this false info out to the finance group and to BBC, and who knows who else, to once again destabilize the AD movement.  

I'm sorry, but the only conclusion I can come to is that he is in cahoots with Castillo to spread this false info.

Chivis, what is your take please?
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Re: Apatzingan Priest Denounces Emergence of New Cartel (H3)

I was wondering what the angle was a well choco, it certainly seems odd.