Another Message From CDS in Aguascalientes

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Another Message From CDS in Aguascalientes


Aguascalientes, Ags.- Early this Wednesday the body of a woman with several gunshot wounds to the head was found along State Highway 13 leading to the community of "El Hotelito" a rural area east of the capital.

On one side of the female body several marijuana wraps and two alleged narcomensajes were located as well as two 9 mm spent shell casings.

A resident of the area was riding his bicycle down the road when he found the body in a small mound of dirt on the side of an asphalt strip.

The victim was wearing brown shorts and a sleeveless white blouse.

This is the 2nd execution that authorities have investigated in less than 24 hours, the identity of the woman remains unknown.

Around 8:00 on Tuesday, the body of a young man was found next to a stream on Mahatma Gandhi Avenue behind the Central de Abastos south of the capital.

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