After becoming Vice-President of Venezuela he hits the USA's 'Kingpin list'

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After becoming Vice-President of Venezuela he hits the USA's 'Kingpin list'

Ex-Venezuelan vice-president accused of aiding drug dealers
 The Associated Press
Larry Neumeister
Last Updated
March 8, 2019
7:43 PM EST

      NEW YORK — Charges were unsealed Friday against a former Venezuelan vice-president in New York federal court as authorities accused him of using his office to aid international drug traffickers.

      Tareck El Aissami and Venezuelan businessman Samark Jose Lopez Bello were charged with violating the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act and U.S. Treasury Department sanctions.

      “Both El Aissami and Lopez Bello will have to think twice before leaving Venezuela, as they are wanted to face justice here in New York,” said Angel Melendez, who heads New York’s U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations.

      Even before the charges announced Friday, the U.S. has accused El Aissami of playing a major role in global drug trafficking, a charge he denies. El Aissami, who is now the minister of industry and national production, is the most senior Venezuelan official ever targeted by the U.S.

      Venezuela’s communications minister declined to comment.

      U.S. authorities suspect other high-ranking officials in Venezuela are also involved in drug trafficking.

      U.S. Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman said in a release that El Aissami violated sanctions by hiring U.S. companies to provide private jets.

      Melendez of Immigration and Customs Enforcement said the official used his position of power to engage in international drug trafficking.

      As a result, El Aissami and Lopez Bello, both 44, were each already labeled a “Specially Designated Narcotics Trafficker” under the Kingpin Act. El Aissami received the designation in February 2017, just weeks after he became vice-president. He served in the position until last June.

      If convicted of all five charges contained in an unsealed indictment, El Aissami and Lopez Bello would each face up to 150 years in prison.


Associated Press Writer Joshua Goodman in Bogota, Colombia, contributed to this report.
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Re: After becoming Vice-President of Venezuela he hits the USA's 'Kingpin list'

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You get tired of all these Bolivistas . . . , Maduro, Castro, Morales, Ortega , , , turning their countries, not to socialism but dictatorship,.  Although they fought for socialism, they were only fighting for power. Once gaining that power they won't let go.  They are meaningful and have status.  Not really.   They rule by support of actions from, Cuba,  Russia, China and Iran.  Those, in Nicaragua  at the top are not fighting capitalism, but exploiting their countries, as the others.  

These countries have no place in human history for fair elections but definitely for technology theft, religious edict and robbing the poor, even though they claim these are their best friends, Bolivistas, Collectivas, etc.  Those who enforce with pepper spray, rubber bullets, tear gas, real bullets, etc. are hopefully aware of their predicament.

Ex-KGB, Bus Driver, Castro's brother, the Peruvian - Evo, Mao replacement and lastly Ortega, the pedophile, we get it.  Maduro the bus driver, only cares about the bullshit he exudes.  He's full of shit, and the imperialists and electrical war warriors, say so too.
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Re: After becoming Vice-President of Venezuela he hits the USA's 'Kingpin list'

blanco puro
In reply to this post by canadiana
EL ASSAIMI has been accused of running drugs for the Zetas since many years ago, it is not new. Just as the American government secretly supports CDS, they target anyone in power who supports a rival cartel.
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Re: After becoming Vice-President of Venezuela he hits the USA's 'Kingpin list'

Many, many Venezuelan military, government have run drugs, large amounts, for years.  Evidence the outlying islands, Bonaire, etc.

We must not forget these people as well.  I know this is a public forum and I should not probably use the forum to pontificate, but I would like to remind of the true humanitarian crisis of Venezuela and their suffering populace today -

1. 1,000,000% inflation rate, money is meaningless - most food and medicine are too expensive for people to purchase

2. In a major political crisis

3. Over 3,000,000 left country, but especially those that had the brains to run things, especially those that ran hydroelectric power

4. Hunger rates have skyrocketed

5. Entering 6 days without electricity affecting 70% of the population

6.  Drinking water from the heavily polluted sewage canal at river Guaire in the capital of Caracas, due to having no water

7.  Out of fuel, gas stations run on power (Venezuela has the richest oil reserves in the world)

8.  Rotting food, in refrigerators and freezers, stores being looted for a bite to eat

9.  Killing people in hospitals, no power and unfunctioning emergency power

10.  Block aid to feed, attend to people, provide water, denied as a takeover of the imperialist USA

This is borderlands further south, than Mexico.  Mexico has not come out for or against atrocities that Maduro has committed.  AMLO believes in being cordial to all.  This line of appeasement is appalling.  Only 17% of the Mexican population from (2) separate polls, believe in not saying anything against Maduro as a country.  

From expelling all his opponents from running against him in last election, us Venezuelan watchers know the election was rigged.  Stuffed ballot boxes, strong arming colectivos, all on looted wealths of the country.  

The country is fixing to blow and those problems listed, are going to exponentially grow.  Think of the people of Venezuela, not just their kingpins and bullshit leaders, them . . the people.

Thanks for reading