Advisor to federal deputy arrested with drugs and guns

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Advisor to federal deputy arrested with drugs and guns


A confusing episode in the Condesa neighborhood of Mexico City, put in trouble the federal deputy Tamaulipas, Miguel Gonzalez Salum.

A person named Roberto de Jesus Velázquez Lozano, who was accredited as an adviser to the federal deputy of Tamaulipas, was captured by police from the capital for firing shots into the air in the Roma-Condesa corridor.

In the vehicle he was driving, with plates from Tamaulipas, two pistols, 500 bullets and drugs were found.

The federal deputy denied that the detained person is his advisor or has any employment relationship with the Chamber of Deputies.

He said that the identification he showed is apocryphal.

He said that the subject "improperly and illegally disposed of a vehicle of my property, which was in safekeeping and custody of another person, unaware of the facts."

He warned that he will take legal action against people who have misused their property and falsified documents.