A shifting change

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A shifting change

I would like to add my sincere gratitude for blogs such as this, it really does go to show humanity at it's best.

Well done, and god bless you.

I have been following this outrageous, shocking, barbarian backwards way of the these cartels for over a year.

Truly evil.

I totally understand the way the self-defence forces was set up, and if the same circumstances happened in any other western nation.  That would be the exact way to deal with such cruelty and since the state fails on so much with corruption.

These individuals who kill with no mercy, children, women and the elderly, should be in my view. Hung, drawn and quartered.

What goes around, comes around.

I hope some of these hitmen who trawl through the internet understand just one point, you will not get away with it forever.

And you will either be killed, or arrested.

But make no mistake, justice will win in the end.

Especially if you choose to kill and/or kidnap innocent people for your ever greedy pockets.

Time to crack down on these lunatics once and for all.

From the World.

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Re: A shifting change

Well said.