800 military sent to reinforce security in Guanajuato

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800 military sent to reinforce security in Guanajuato


Leon /06.01.2019 06:15:07

600 Army elements have arrived and 200 Navy are on the way

The military personnel will be supported by the Public Security Forces and the municipal police. (Digital Millennium)

In order to stop the violent wave suffered by Guanajuato since the beginning of the year, which has left at least 28 dead, 600 more elements of the Army arrived at the entity and 200 sailors are already "on the way". This was confirmed by Governor Diego Sinhué Rodríguez, who explained that the federal reinforcement was achieved through talks with Alfonso Durazo, Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection, and General Ángel Prior, commander of the twelfth Military Region. "In calls that I had with the Secretary of Security, Alfonso Durazo, and with General Prior it was confirmed that the elements of the Navy are already on the way, but also 600 elements of the Army that are already being deployed in the state," he said. .

The president said that of the 600 military that have already arrived, 300 are paratroopers and another 300 belong to special groups that will watch mainly the Industrial Corridor (made up of León, Irapuato, Celaya and Salamanca) and the south of the state. In an interview after giving gifts for the Day of Kings, he announced that the military personnel will be supported by the Public Security Forces and the municipal police. He explained that the security personnel will have as strategic points Pénjamo and Valle de Santiago so they can cover the surrounding municipalities.

Sinhué Rodríguez explained that the colonies will be monitored by a first circle made up of the municipal police and the second by the elements of the Public Security Forces of the State, while the entrances to the cities and communities, as well as the roads, will be in charge of the Army and the Navy. "This action is a reinforcement to vigilance, today the Federation takes seriously the problem in Guanajuato, which is derived from a federal crime such as the theft of fuel and are taking important actions such as the deployment of these armed forces," he said.


In its monthly counts, MILENIO has reported the sustained rise in violence in that entity, which led it to place itself in the first place during 2018. According to these figures, of the 15 thousand 877 homicides that occurred last year, 2 thousand 233 took place in Guanajuato, with which it was placed in the first place of this crime. The entity far surpassed states like Guerrero, Chihuahua and Michoacán, which have problems with clashes between organized crime gangs.


Last Friday, Luis Cresencio Sandoval, head of Sedena, met with the governors of Coahuila and Durango to refine the security strategy in those entities.


 The meeting took place at the Military Air Base Number 3 of Torreón, where they also spoke about the construction of a military barracks in Lerdo.


Miguel Riquelme, governor of Coahuila, said that the permanent operations of the Sedena represent an important step against crime.