7 murder victims dumped in the north of Sinaloa

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7 murder victims dumped in the north of Sinaloa


7 murder victims dumped in the north of Sinaloa

El Fuerte, Sinaloa-The corpses of seven men were found next to a plot, located near the streets 5 and 1200, in Jahuara II, almost in the same place where last week three individuals were also found dead.

The report of the fact was received in the C-4 system, around 10:40 hours so the different orders of government authorities headed to the site to confirm the finding, and requested the presence of agents of the Public Ministry to the site to start an investigation.

In the place of the discovery 7 bodies were found with visible traces of torture and gunshot wounds. Two of the now deceased were bound feet and hands and one more with handcuffs.

So far, they remain as unknown. All had a coup de grace [shot to the head].

The position in which they were found, apparently the killers dumped them from a passing vehicle.

Experts from the Attorney General of Justice of the State, after some minutes arrived at the site of the discovery and began investigations, while a local undertaker took 7 bodies to the coroner to perform forensics work.

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