5 Bodies left on Celaya-Querétaro Highway; 12 killed in 24 hours in Celaya area

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5 Bodies left on Celaya-Querétaro Highway; 12 killed in 24 hours in Celaya area

They leave the bodies of five executed people on the Celaya-Querétaro Highway

By Verónica Espinosa, February 24, 2018

CELAYA, Gto. (Proceso.com.mx) .-
 The bodies of five men whose hands were tied and who were  half naked were abandoned on the Celaya-Querétaro highway, at the location of the community Los Julianes belonging to Apaseo el Grande.

At least 12 people have been killed in the last 24 hours in Celaya and Apaseo el Grande.

Police Corporations were alerted at approximately 7:30 in the afternoon of the bodies, which according to the first reports, have traces of gunshots in different areas.

Municipal and State agents that make up the regional Unified Command went to the point on the side of the highway, at that time very busy, at the height of the entrance to Los Julianes, where they confirmed the discovery of the bodies.

They had their hands tied behind their backs and only had on underwear, from the waist down.

In the morning, in Celaya four people were murdered in different parts of the municipality, including some communities.

The first was a man killed on the road to the town of Salitre, whose body was abandoned in a vacant lot shortly after 8:30 in the morning.

Apparently the victim was beheaded and found covered with a checkered wool blanket, under a railway bridge.

The experts discovered that the face of the man, between 30 and 35 years old, was also severed. Also, his hands were tied.

A little later another man was killed when he was in the street Ejido de Galvanes of the Monte Blanco colony.

According to witnesses, the man was talking to some people when a vehicle approached and from there, several of its occupants fired at least seven times to subsequently escape.

The victim tried to run but was seriously injured.

Witnesses called the police and the rescuers, who came but could not save him.

While in the Lindavista neighborhood, a man and a woman were gunned down inside the home of the first, located on Azalea Street.

Neighbors of the woman told the authorities that she was selling food at home, an activity she was doing when she was murdered.

Another homicide was committed in the Santa Rita neighborhood, where a man was also shot with a firearm.

On the eve, three merchants from the Central de Abastos of this same city were shot when they were performing maneuvers with a load of coconuts in one of the premises.
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Re: 5 Bodies left on Celaya-Querétaro Highway; 12 killed in 24 hours in Celaya area

Glad to see Anasazi taking the time to report this, I'm now reading the death count up to at least 21 in Celaya/Apaseo el Grande yesterday and think it is worth expounding on this, as well as covering some other notable events of the past week.

During the morning of Monday, February 19, armed men arrived at the home of Jovita Michel Macías, the municipal delegate of the community of San José Agua Azul, which is in the municipality of Apaseo el grande, and took her by force. Before noon that same day her body was found along the Apaseo el Alto-Apaseo el Grande highway.

Around 6:00 AM on Thursday, February 22, Pedro Galván Meléndez, a municipal police commander in Celaya, was killed in a drive by shooting while riding his bicycle along the Francisco Juárez avenue. Reports indicate that more than 50 shots were fired.

As for the five men that were bound and killed near Los Julianes, here is a picture that is circulating online:

Another major incident took place last night (Saturday, February 24) about two hours after the above incident. Near kilometer 31 of the Querétaro-Celaya highway a gray Honda Odyssey without license plates was found burning.

After the fire was extinguished, at least two bodies were found in the rear of the vehicle.

Around 11:00 PM another burnt vehicle was found along the road between San Cristóbal and El Nacimiento, in the municipality of Apaseo el Grande, in which four bodies were found.

Also, at some point yesterday, two bodies were found hung in a tree in Tenango el Nuevo.

So what is going on all of a sudden? I wish I knew. Rumor has it that the "Dirección de Ejecución Penitenciaria" received a threatening phone call in the name of a criminal leader that operates in the area saying "...if you don't let me work I'm going to create chaos...". So one possibility is that "El Marro" is lashing out against.

I have a working theory (more like an educated guess) based on some other news. On Wednesday, February 21 a number of CJNG banners were hung in León threatening "El Marro" and other groups in the area.

Today it was reported that five members of the CJNG were arrested in the colonia Joyas de Castilla in León while driving a stolen Ford Figo.

With them was found 5 shirts reading Federal Police, 17 bullet proof vests with patches reading CJNG, 8 hats with the Federal Police shield, 56 patches reading CJNG, and a number of weapons.

I believe that the CJNG are moving into León and are actively working to heat up the plazas and/or take out people working for "El Marro".
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Re: 5 Bodies left on Celaya-Querétaro Highway; 12 killed in 24 hours in Celaya area

As reported by Valor por Tamaulipas:

As can be recalled, yesterday bags with human remains were left almost simultaneously in distinct points in Apaseo el Grande and Apaseo el Alto.

The first action was reported around 5:30 PM when the police were informed about a black bag under the bridge of the pan-American Celaya-Querétaro highway at the community of San José Agua Azul.

It was a bag with human parts and which also had a florescent card with a message from a criminal group. At the same time it was reported to the police of Apaseo el Alto the discovery of a bag with human parts at the monument that is at the entrance to the municipality.

It was along the alternate highway where in the same manner a black plastic bag with human remains was found.

That bag also had a card with a message.

A third bag was also located in Apaseo el Alto along the bypass highway at the CEtis where another bag with human remains and a card was found.

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Re: 5 Bodies left on Celaya-Querétaro Highway; 12 killed in 24 hours in Celaya area

This post was updated on .
Btw, this is what the message says:

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