4 Zetas Arrested in Saltillo

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4 Zetas Arrested in Saltillo

December 9, 2012

The Attorney General of the State of Coahuila de Zaragoza (PGJE) and the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) made ​​available to the Deputy Attorney Specialized Investigation of Organized Crime (SEIDO) of the Attorney General's Office ( PGR), 4 criminals belonging to the Zetas cartel, and weapons exclusively used by the Armed Forces.

This arrest is the result of intelligence work done by members of the Special Tactics Group Armas (GATES). The capture was made ​​when police officers spotted the offenders on the boulevard Vito Alessio Robles.  Upon entering the colonial New Mexico and Gijón Cruces, they tried to intercept the criminals, who started shooting. A chase followed, which ended quickly when the criminals were outnumbered and decided to surrender.

They are: SOLIS MANUEL CASTRO alias "Meno", 35; ROSA HERNANDEZ VAZQUEZ MARTHA alias "La Chilanga", 19; GERARDO AGUILAR DE CROSS, alias "El Abuelo and / or RAMBO", 46 years old and RUGAMA JESUS ​​ROBERTO BRAVO, alias "El Beto" 21 years of age.

Amazingly detailed list of seized items:
4 Grenade Launcher, cal. 40 unbranded. - 1 rifle cal. Brand Panter Arms Model 308 1R-308 with serial number 62121. - 1 Weapon AK47 goat horn type, cal. 7.62 x 39 mm with wooden stock, unbranded. - 1 Weapon AK47 goat horn type, cal 5.45 x 39 mm, SPTR TANTAL model with serial number TTL04419. No. 1991ZH4972. - 1 submachine, cal. Intratec 9mm Luger brand, tec9 model, serial number 3B151 MIAMI FLORIDA. - 2 R15 chargers up to 30 cartridges stocked - 1 charger for R15 with 40 cartridges stocked - 46 magazines for AK47 type weapon Goat Horn of 7.62 x 39 up to 30 cartridges stocked. - 1 gun charger goat horn type AK47 7.62 x 39 with 40 cartridges stocked. - 630 cal cartridges. 223 - 250 cartridges 22 cal - 75 cal 40 cartridges - 32 cartridges 38 cal - 95 cal cartridges 7.62 x 39 - 1 lime cartridge. 40mm - 1 Black Berry phone brand, model Bold with 298BC85E PIN number, color Black, with chip inside and capless. (Damaged screen) - 1 cell Mobo brand digital camera, blue and chrome - 1 phone brand Samsung, white and gray, no battery and no chip (damaged). - 1 phone brand LG, Color Black and Red, without battery and without chip (Damaged). - 1 phone brand Nokia, Black, Model 1661-2B with battery, without chip. - 6 brand radios Ken Wood - 1 radio communication, no visible marks. - 4 power leads for Kenwood charger. (Adapters) - 3 power wires unbranded. - 1 current regulator Powe Supply brand, model YX41-1000500. - 1 mark current controller model MC Electronic Delta ADP-15ZB - 1 mark current regulator Ken Wood and charger same make, model KSC-35. - 1 set of car keys Ford Fusion, reported as stolen - 2 R15 chargers ornaments for up to 240 cartridges. - 1 fornitura up to 10 magazines of 30 rounds. - 1 fornitura up to 6 chargers and separator for 1 weapon. - 1 mark Bulletproof Vest Body Armor "Interceptor" Base Carrier Vest, number 8470-01-465-1928 USA, military green camouflage, with 2 ballistic plates unbranded. - 1 Vest black color brand MPT (Protective Material Tecnology Made in Mexico). Ballistic plates cleared. - 1 ballistic vest in black, brand Voodoo Tactical Chinese origin, with two ballistic plates, mark International Armor Corp, Cal USA, model C-5007. One of the plates with serial number A-61941, the second plate with serial number A-62296. - 3 Rules pixelated, consisting of trousers and shirt, size Large, unmarked. - 1 jacket or vest with AFI legend, blue. - 1 set of number plates SNP-49-82 of the State of Nuevo Leon. - 1 set of number plates VSF-94-22 of the State of Coahuila. - 1 set of plates number 91-71 SNM-State Nuevo Leon. - 300 barbed poncha tires.