34 years for Los Zeta woman

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34 years for Los Zeta woman


The First District Judge in the State of Mexico, with residence in Toluca, sentenced Karina Sánchez Valdez to 34 years three months in prison and to the payment of 3674 pesos in fine for the crimes of organized crime against health and operations with resources of illicit origin, as well as collection of firearms and possession of cartridges for the exclusive use of the Army, Navy and Air Force.

Sánchez Valdez was a member of the cell of Sigifredo Nájera Talamantes, El Canicón, leader of the Gulf cartel in Monterrey.

Najera Talamantes is said to be responsible for the grenade attack on the United States consulate in Monterrey and the execution of nine soldiers from the Seventh Military Zone.

Karina Sánchez was arrested in March 2009 by elements of the National Defense Secretariat along with various weapons, drugs and cash.

El Canicon was originally Tango 29, then Z-29, and died of cardiac arrest in Altiplano in a cell right next to and right before El Chapos escape.