3 CJNG members sentenced 16 to 36 years in prison

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3 CJNG members sentenced 16 to 36 years in prison


Mexico /04.17.2019 16:05:35

The members of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel were responsible for taking care of the Lagos de Moreno plaza, for which they murdered members of opposing organizations.

The members of the cartel of Jalisco Nueva Generación were in charge of running the Lagos de Moreno plaza. (Archive)

A judge sentenced 3 members of the CJNG cartel who were responsible for managing the Lagos de Moreno plaza for murdering members of opposing organizations. In one of the lawsuits that they have just faced, they were only sentenced for crimes against health (possession for the purpose of marketing or supplying marijuana , cocaine and methamphetamine free of charge ), as well as possession of cartridges and carrying a firearm without a license which were for the exclusive use of the armed forces.

It is known that the sentenced were also engaged in drug trafficking in the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara , in addition to managing for La Familia Michoacana in the state limits to prevent members of the Gulf cartel or the Los Valencia cartel from entering the country. entity.

These are the sentenced: Jairo Josue Perez Carlos must serve a sentence of 36 years, 11 months in prison and pay a fine equivalent to 47 thousand 782 pesos with 86 cents.

Genaro Sánchez Rivera was sentenced to 31 years in prison and to pay a fine of 38,772 pesos with 71 cents.

Eduardo Barajas González was sentenced to 16 years 11 months in prison and to pay a fine equivalent to 18,717 pesos with 86 cents.

According to the criminal case, filed in the Fourth District Court of Federal Criminal Proceedings based in Jalisco, in 2011 elements of the Secretariat of National Defense received a citizen complaint that referred to the road that leads from San Julián to San Diego de Alejandría, a vehicle with armed people was circulating.

Therefore, federal agents conducted the search of the vehicle, detained the three men and secured various weapons, both short and long, as well as various cartridges.

Those sentenced are internally in the Federal Centers for Social Readaptation Altiplano in the State of Mexico , and in Villa Aldama Veracruz , where they serve their sentence.
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Re: 3 CJNG members sentenced 16 to 36 years in prison

They've got a woman sicaria in the photo middle front row.