16 people arrested for San Fernando

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16 people arrested for San Fernando

Since BB hasnt report it, I will inform the readers. I know I give Goat crap all the time about using Google translation but comes in handy when I am just being lazy so its not translated all correctly but anyways here is the story:

The Attorney General's Office (PGR) reported that since there are 16 detainees for their alleged involvement in the assassination and clandestine burial of at least 88 people in Tamaulipas.

The unit said in a statement that the latest two arrests were made by the military.

The Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA) reported late Sunday that captured a man identified as Cesar Armando Morales Uscanga and who provided data to locate four more graves with at least another 16 bodies in the municipality of San Fernando, which raised to 88 the number of bodies found in the last week in an area affected by drug violence.

The PGR said that it was stopped by soldiers Sunday another man identified as Erik Zetina Rubén Hernández, connected with the killings. So far 14 graves have been located.

The Department of Defense noted that Morales confessed to participating in the kidnapping and murder of bus passengers have been buried underground.

Another 14 suspects, who were linked to the cartel Los Zetas , were arrested last week.

San Fernando, near the U.S. border was the scene in August 2010 of a slaughter of 72 migrants, mostly Central and South America, attributed to the same organized crime group.

Authorities have not identified the victims identified in the pits, although in principle the government of Tamaulipas believed to be Mexican.

Foreign Minister of El Salvador, Hugo Martinez, said Monday that his government has not received any notification about a possible victim of El Salvador.

"They are doing forensic investigations and we will await the results," said the diplomat at a press conference in San Salvador.

"We hope that no Salvadoran victims," ​​he added.

Some of the migrants were killed in August salvadoreños.Morales said to be involved in the kidnapping of bus passengers 24 and March 29, said the Department of Defense.

The man was said to have participated in the burial of 43 bodies located, according to the agency.

A Morales was seized a rifle, plus 2 000 $ 942 and 22 thousand 590 pesos (about $ 900 billion).

In Washington, the State Department reported this weekend that at least one U.S. citizen was among dozens of people were brought down by the force of passenger buses in Tamaulipas.