15 people murdered in the first week of August

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15 people murdered in the first week of August

EL ChaMuko
Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The first week of August has been one of the bloodiest month's this year since 15 homicides were registered in the south of Sinaloa, among them three women, one of them was murdered in the municipal of Escuinapa and two men also.  

> Information.  

On the first of August three murders were registered in the city, the first two victims were women left at a infonavit  in Santa Fe.  

Hours later a person was found murdered in Villa Verde, this person was shot to death while sleeping in his bed.

August 2, a woman is assassinated  in the municipal of Escuinapa.  The woman was executed close to International highway Mexico 15, in the community of Palmillas, in the municipal mentioned.  

In the afternoon children that were present at an infants party lived moments of terror, in La Campiña, when an armed group arrived and murdered a person that happened to be there.  

That same day in the city but at night, two people were killed in the colony of Benito Juárez, it became known that the deceased were a father and son.  

On the third day, a fruit merchant was murdered with bullets in the exterior of the church Sagrada Familia, located in Las Gaviotas.  

August 5 in la Norial, a clash between soldiers and gunmen was reported, one passed away, who was a native of the populated San Marcos.  

On the sixth in the Villa Union syndicate, the corpse of a man was found executed by being stabbed and shot, he was found inside a clandestine grave in the syndicate mentioned before.  

That same day in the municipal of San Ignacio a massacre occurred in the city of Coyotitán when an armed commando arrived to a section of hamburger stands that are under the tree of Huanacaxtle, in the city of Coyotitán and massacred five young people that were about to have dinner.  

Some bodies remained in the street, another in a small  Nissan truck double cabin with impacts of bullets in the bodywork.  

On the 4th and the 7th of this week, were the only days that no homicides were registered in the south of Sinaloa.  

Because of the violent actions personnel of the agency of the Public Ministry has responded.