13 suspected sicarios apprehended in less than a week in Tijuana

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13 suspected sicarios apprehended in less than a week in Tijuana


Saturday, August 6 2016

The Municipal Public Security Secretariat (SSPM) as part of the cooperation with the coordination group, reported that in less than a week 13 suspected gunmen were arrested. Suspects are possibly linked to armed attacks and killings, mostly by conflicts between drug dealers and distributors.

Through a press release indicated that due to the exchange of information tables Intelligence SSPM and the Attorney General of the State (PGJE) resulted, in recent days, the arrest of Enrique N ( "“El Buda”), Edgar Ivan N ( "El Malverde"), Fabian N ( "El Candelas" or "El Kalusha") and José Manuel N ( "El Tortas" or "El Fuel"). Also Heriberto N, who used five different names besides the nicknames "El Taz", "El Tazo," "El Demonio" or "El Tazmania".

These individuals are identified as hitmen for "El Versi" or "El Kiko", the criminals who goes to distributors and dealers of narcotics in the Green Road neighborhood and other areas of the delegation Sánchez Taboada, whose criminal cell was hampered by the arrests.

Eduardo N, alias "El Negro", anchored in the colony Tierra y Libertad, is allegedly linked to drug dealing killings, including one in the colony Buenos Aires and another in Cerro Colorado. Marco Antonio N, "El Marco" is designated as a participant in armed attacks between drug dealers in the East Zone and is part of a cell of "El Aquiles'.

Meanwhile Alexis Gisel N, alias "La Alexis," 22-year-old, apparently linked to serious crimes by conflicts arising from drug dealing, was arrested in the colony Urbi Villas del Prado second section with a firearm caliber .40 and 29 rounds of ammunition. Juan Pablo N ( "El Pablito") and Edgar N ( "El Bebo") were arrested in the Los Pinos district for possession of two firearms in connection with a recent murder, also by feuds between drug dealers in the Canyon The Palmas, Los Pinos district.

Another detainee is Eduardo N, known as "El Negro", allegedly linked to killings because of armed attacks by drug dealing, including one in the Buenos Aires and another in Cerro Colorado.

Also Marco Antonio N, "El Marco", a member of the band "El Aquiles" and identified as a participant in armed attacks between groups vying for control of drug sales in the East Zone.

Meanwhile Luis Francisco N, 23, was captured and possibly related to armed aggression against the owner of a bar in the colony on November 20. This individual, according to identification data, recorded several arrests for drug crimes in the Northern Zone.